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Reformed Pentecostal Church of Wollongong


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  • We recognise that, in Scripture, the local Church and its ministries are autonomous, exercising all of the acts of government, organisation, discipline and growth without outside interference in any way or under any circumstance, whilst maintaining a spirit of fellowship with other ministers and groups and avoiding a spirit of independence.

  • Doctrine, teaching, encouragement, discipline and financial support are God appointed scriptural functions of the local Church and the local Church alone.

  • No outside individual group or organisation has scriptural authority to exercise any function or activity which usurps or interferes with any function or activity which God has vested in the local Church and its leaders. Interference of this nature comes out of sectarian attitude by those who wish to exercise unscriptural authority, government, power and control over other churches and ministers to fulfill their own drive for power.

R.P.C.W. is therefore, committed to -

  • Being involved in providing an organisation and programs which will help build the local Church.

  • Providing training, fellowship, encouragement and inspiration which will hopefully develop ministers and leaders to be more effective in carrying out the work of the ministry at a local level without interference or control.