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Glossary of Hebrew Terminology 

Aishet Chayil: “woman of valor” Mishle/Proverbs 31:10-31.  Traditional blessing sung by husband on Shabbat in praise of his wife.

Beit Din: "house of judgment"

Beit HaMikdash: The First and Second Temples of Israel.

Beit Knesset: "house of assembly"

Beit Midrash: "house of study”, discussion.

Beit Tefillah: "house of prayer"

B'rit Chadashah: Hebrew terminology for the Renewed Covenant known in English Bibles as the ‘New Testament’

Elohim: “Mighty One” Hebrew title for Yahauh.

Eretz Yisrael/Israel: "land of Israel" The Land promised to the people of Israel by Yahweh in His covenant.

Galut: "exile"  or dispersion of Israelites throughout the world.

Kohen HaGadol: the High Priest of Israel.

Ketuvim: "writings" The third and last division of the TaNaKh, including Psalms and Proverbs and Job as well as other writings (Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles).

Kosher: Often used term in the diaspora meaning "Proper" or "ritually correct” Traditional dietary laws based on Vayikra (Leviticus) 11. Only land animals that chew the cud and have split hooves (sheep, beef; not pigs) are permitted. Of sea creatures, only fish having fins and scales are permitted.

Moshiach: “anointed one” or “Messiah” This is the Hebrew term for the Messiah that is usually translated into English as the Greek form ‘Christ’

Mezuzah: (plural-mezuzot) "doorpost" A parchment scroll with selected Torah verses (Devarim /Deuteronomy 6.4-9; 11.13-21) affixed to the exterior doorposts of Torah-observant homes.

Mitzvot: “commandments” Commonly refers to deeds that are performed in obedience to Yahweh commandments found in Torah.

Rosh Chodesh: “Renewed Moon” First day of the new month as determined by the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon in Israel.

Ruach HaKodesh: The Set-Apart (Holy) Spirit.  

Sha’ul: Hebrew name of Paul.  Rav. or Rabbi Sha’ul.

Talmid/Talmidim: “student” or “taught-ones” Hebrew term for the students of Moshiach Yahushua.  Also known as Greek term ‘disciple’

Tallit: (plural-tallitot) Four-cornered prayer shawl with fringes (tzitzit) attached, worn by some Torah-Observant men from the Ashkenazi German converts sect of the "Jews" during tefillah (prayer) and during Shabbat services. Bemidbar / Numbers 15:37-41

Tallit Katan:  A small four-cornered garment worn under clothing to fulfill the commandment of wearing tzit-tzit each day.

TaNaKh: An acronym for the Hebrew Scriptures, made up of the names of the three parts. Torah (Pentateuch or Law), Nevi'im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings) -- thus TNK pronounced TaNaKh.

Tefillah: “prayer” (plural-tefillot)

Teshuvah: “return” Repentance and a return to the Ways of YAHUAH - His Torah.

Torah: "teaching, instruction" The Torah is the ‘five books of Moshe’ in the Hebrew Scriptures.  Sometimes the Torah is known as the Pentateuch.

YHWH/YHVH (YAHUAH): The sacred name in the Hebrew Scriptures. Also known as the tetragrammaton. Since Hebrew was written without vowels in ancient times, the four consonants YHWH/YHVH “Y=yud” “H=hey” “W=waw (modern vav)” “H=hey” contain no clue to their original pronunciation. In most English versions of the Christian Bible the tetragrammaton is represented by "LORD" and inappropriate term from medieval English land-owners.

Ya’akov:  The patriarch Jacob.  Also James (real name=Jacob) one of the twelve emissaries and also the brother of Yahshua - leader of the assembly in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).

Yahushua / Yahoshua: The Hebrew name of the Messiah: meaning “salvation” that is often substituted as is YAHUAH'S name and contrary to the 3rd Sovereign Commandment given at Mt. Sinai. Substituted by by non-Torah observant people to "Je-sus" a name which fitted a new god along with the Roman/Greek pantheon of gods such as Pega-sus, Zues etc. "Je-sus" has different meanings - pig - horse.

Zionism: Mount Zion is an ancient Hebrew designation for Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). Not to be confused with "Jewish" political Zionism which based on their own Talmudic teaching, the wellspring of totalitarian Bolshevik socialism, racism and ethnic cleansing developed in recent times and exported from USSR and Germany.

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