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Truth and Common Sense Triumph over Fluoridation
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Wellington NZ, 13 October 2011

Truth and Common Sense Triumph over Fluoridation

Fluoride Action Network NZ congratulates the New Plymouth District Council for its scientifically and ethically sound decision today to end fluoridation, and deploy the savings to actually help those with poor dental health”, says Mary Byrne, FANNZ’ National Coordinator. "This is a great day for New Plymouth and a great day for New Zealand. It is a significant landmark in the journey toward a fluoridation-free country. Ultimately this will make New Zealand a healthier place for its people and a cleaner, greener environment."

Councillors heard two days of testimony from doctors, dentists and the general public, and made an informed, educated decision. The pro-fluoridation lobby did not convince councillors that swallowing fluoride worked, nor that fluoridation was without risk of adverse health affects. “The fact is, fluoridation can no longer be justified”, says Ms Byrne.

"Since it is now accepted that the primary benefit is topical it does not make sense to continue fluoridation" says Ms Byrne. “FANNZ now hopes that the remaining 25 councils in New Zealand (out of a total of 69) will realise that this is a serious issue that they cannot afford to ignore. New Plymouth councillors cannot be sidelined as the looney fringe or be accused of not being informed. They are most probably the most informed council in the country", says Ms Byrne.

The decision follows that of the Ruapehu District Council, which recently ceased fluoridation in Taumaranui. “But for a large city to end this discredited practice is truly a landmark”, says Ms Byrne, adding “FANNZ has worked closely with the local Fluoride-Free Taranaki group to bring about this magnificent result for the district. I believe this is the beginning of the end for fluoridation in NZ.”

“While fluoridation believers claim that this will result in a significant increase in tooth decay for the poor, Maori, and Polynesians, this “emotional blackmail”, used incessantly by these people, is disproved by every study in the last 25 years”, says Mark Atkin, FANNZ Legal and Scientific Advisor. “What we will actually see is a general improvement in health and a reduced rate of premature births and associated infant deaths.”

“But most immediately, we will see 1% to 3% of the population find that some long term illnesses will steadily subside and disappear within a few weeks of ending fluoridation in November. These are typically chronic fatigue or digestion problems, but there are others. I encourage anyone suddenly losing any long-standing symptoms to contact FANNZ if they wish to join a class action lawsuit against the Ministry of Health for promoting fluoridation when they have known of its harmful effects for at least 50 years. Your average doctor will not test you for fluoride intolerance – they will deny fluoride could be the cause” says Mr Atkin, who intends bringing the emerging “Fluoridegate” legal action from the USA to NZ. Four cases have already been filed in the USA.


Fluoride Action Network (NZ) Inc. (FANNZ) is the leading expert body on fluoridation science in New Zealand, and a founding member of the Fluoridation-free NZ Coalition, an alliance of national health-focused organisations launched in 2009 to take national action to end water fluoridation. For more information, visit