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Former Israeli President Katsav to ask Israel Supreme Court for further hearing over rape conviction
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Supreme Court upheld Katsav's 7-year sentence on two counts of rape and other sexual offenses earlier this month; Katsav is due to start his sentence on December 7.

By Tomer Zarchin

Former President Moshe Katsav, whose appeal over his seven-year sentence for rape and sexual offenses was rejected earlier this month, has petitoned the Supreme Court for a further hearing on his case.

Thursday was the deadline for Katsav to make such a request since his appeal was rejected fifteen days ago. Katsav's legal team have requested a further 45-day extension of the deadline.

katsav - AFP - November 17 2011

Former President Moshe Katsav arriving at the Supreme Court last week.

Photo by: AFP

Katsav is due to start his sentence on December 7, and it is thought highly unlikely that the Supreme Court will grant the request.

Israel's Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Tel Aviv District Court's decision to convict former President Moshe Katsav of two counts of rape and other sexual offenses, and to sentence him to seven years in prison earlier this month.

Katsav was sentenced this past March.