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How Many People Have To Suffer And Die While The Government Runs From The Cure?

Hemp is one of man’s oldest and safest medications.


FACT: Drug companies do not profit from all-natural medicines.

FACT: Chemotherapy kills more people than it saves. Source: Lancet Medical Journal


Worldwide cancer experts agree that chemotherapy is largely ineffective in destroying most cancers instead killing mostly healthy cells in the process.

Studies show that patients who accept chemotherapy/radiation treatment are more to die sooner than if they had received no treatment at all.

The active ingredient in hemp oil is all-natural T.H.C.

It attacks mutated cells specifically, while rejuvenating healthy ones.

The natural side-affects of hemp are health and happiness.

Currently in Australia it is illegal to cure yourself (or someone you love) of cancer using hemp oil.


Carac fluorouracil cream by Aventis and Efudex-40 (fluorouracil) by Valeant are topic creams recommended by doctors for skin cancer – it is chemotherapy!


Cannabis is non-toxic.