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The End of the American Dream - Death of Democracy
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12 Feb, 2011
In this interview on Canadian television Chris Hedges basically states that American democracy is dead and that only 'a revolution of the people' can restore the USA to democratic values. Since this is extremely unlikely, America will further degenerate, and end up as a semi-fascist corporate state, probably culminating in a right-wing backlash in the form of Nazi-like purges against Muslims, immigrants and other minority groups. And, of course, there will be more endless wars on defenceless nations to boost the arms industry and divert attention from the internal rot.
(Note: We do not agree on his comments relating to Kyoto and global warming.)

Feb 22, 2011
Slowly the world is beginning to realise that far from being a supporter of democracy, the United States is an enemy of democracy, and always has been. There has hardly been a budding democracy in the world (especially in South America), which wasn't immediately undermined and destroyed by the USA to serve its own economic interests, i.e. to provide cheap resources and labour for its corporations through criminal exploitation. Profit maximisation can only be guaranteed by dictatorships since only they happily deny their citizens access to basic human rights such as health care, minimum wages, pensions, maternity leave, holidays, unions, education, healthy work environments, safety regulations, environmental regulations, fair contract law, and so forth. For this reason, the United States has always sought to prevent the development of democracies across the world. Obama's failed attempt to install Suleiman (the CIA's torturer-in-chief for those who had to suffer extraordinary rendition) as Mubarak's successor is just the latest example. Another is the White House's complete inaction with respect to Bahrain and the other countries in the Middle East, which are currently trying to throw off the yoke of dictatorship. All of these countries have puppet regimes controlled by Washington, which is desperately trying to keep them in power, despite all the empty words of Hillary Clinton and other propagandists. Dictatorships are just so much better for business. ..
If you enjoyed this clip, why not watch the whole film? (The War on Democracy by John Pilger).