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Jews of the Black Holocaust: H-N

Jews of the Black Holocaust: O-T

Jews of the Black Holocaust: U-Z

Videos and Downloads

Best seller book - "The Invention of the Jewish People" - by Shlomo Sand in pdf

The Power And Aims If International Jewry - US War Department Investigation 1919 - Secret Declassified Document No. 245-1 US National Archives, Washington 1973 in PDF

"Russia and the Jews" - Barnes Review by Udo Walendy of Aleksander Solzhenitsyn's book "The Jews in the Soviet Union"

US Jews for Free Palestine

Secret Facts - Jews and Communism

Secret Facts - Soviet and Jews

The Soviet Story

Wikileaks exposes Zionist treachery

This video by American David Duke, Member of the House of Representatives L.A. 1989 - 1993, concerns some of the Wikileaks documents and specifically references to the Zionist State of Israel. It shows divide and conquer strategy in a nutshell and how it is already in place in America as a means of Zionist divide and conquer politics and influence.

The Zionist Matrix of Power - (Full Edition)

The Zionist Matrix of Power, is an excellent and truthful expose on Zionist political power past and present. It accurately identifies the real seats of power in the modern world and the real ruling class that now dominates the modern world through their unholy trinity: ▲ World Media, ▲ Finance, ▲ Politics.

Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime - Part 2

Israel: The Promised Land for Organized Crime - Part 3

‘Aaronovitch Reading Atzmon’ performance at the Oxford Literature Festival.

"The Jewish Century"  controversial Author Yuri Slezkine (Conversations with History)

Harry Kreisler and Berkeley Professor Yuri Slezkine in a discussion of the Jewish odyssey in the 20th century. His comparative analysis focuses on the similarity of the Jews to other "Mercurians" and provides new insight into understanding the paths the Jews took amidst the chaos of the last century.

The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part I: What Jewish Historians Say

Dr. David Duke, Member of the House of Representatives L.A. 1989 - 1993, exposes the Jewish role in the African and global slave trade.