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This is the apparent part, what shows. If you don't like it, you can attempt to change it, "do things" to it, chip away at an unwanted condition. But, whenever you knock some off, more of the same comes up to take its place.

While people often lack physical symptoms, they may still be bored, depressed, tense, anxious, or generally unhappy with their lives. Such emotional states often set the stage for physical and mental illness.

Wellness is not a static state.
High-level wellness involves giving good care to your physical and emotional self, building a strong foundation below the surface. Many of us have lifestyles that we know are destructive, yet we may feel powerless to change them. How you address these issues, and the answers you choose, are at the foundation of this iceberg. Ultimately, this determines whether the tip of the iceberg, representing your state of health, is one of sickness or health.

Regardless of where you place yourself on the illness/wellness continuum, you can make a small change, right now, that will move you towards higher levels of wellness.

Mannatech has Better Solutions for Global Health. Learn more about Mannatech's Products. Mannatech's Mission is to Share the Empowering Gifts of Mannatech: Hope, Health, Knowledge and Opportunity.

Would you settle for anything less than the best of health if you have a choice? No, of course not! If someone offered you the freedom to enjoy optimal health, wouldn't you at least look into it? Doesn't a lifestyle of vibrant health, and growing old gracefully sound appealing?

The key to pursuing optimal health is the commitment to continue that pursuit for a lifetime. That means it's advantageous to you to have the opportunity to earn enough money/have enough income to cover the cost of your Mannatech products. Simply do what you'd probably do anyway: tell others how they, too, can enjoy optimal health while covering the product cost. Without committing to building a business, you can recommend the Mannatech products in just the same way you'd recommend a good movie or a good restaurant.



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