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Glyconutrients...The Missing Link?


Glyconutrients...The Missing Link?

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"Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food"

The Missing Link?

"Healthcare" vs "Sickness" Care

Approximately 17 cents out of every dollar is spent on healthcare (sickness care) and its growing every day. The statistics on the needs for health care are outrageous!

40% of western society is now considered overweight. And 40% of those are considered obese. Why is this so when we have the best food available? It's because we have been lulled into a false sense of security by the major food suppliers telling us we need to eat their packaged foods. These foods are devoid of nourishment and provide what is called "empty calories" - foods with no nutritional value.

Read through your history books. Influenza and other simple ailments have killed more people than all the wars put together. The medical fraternity have long been predicting a "pandemic" (global plague) like no other ever seen on the planet. The Black Plague will seem like a cough compared to it. And it's because the average person's immune system is not ready to cope with the attack. Do you want to be protected from this potential plague or become a statistic?

Every degenerative disease condition is on the rise! 95% of all people in westernised countries will die from one of 3 major chronic diseases - Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes. Why should this be happening when we have the best "health" care ever. Something must be done about it... quick!

The Face of Medicine is Changing Forever - AMA Adopts Progressive Policy on Complementary Medicine...

The AMA (Australian Medical Association) now encourages medical colleges to develop educational and practice standards relevant to Complementary Medicine for use by medical practitioners and medical practices. The AMA will advocate for changes that will assist medical practitioners to take an informed role concerning Complementary Medicine. In Australia, Complementary Medicine has now been accepted by the AMA as an important part of mainstream medicine and healthcare.

Reverse Disease with Specific Foods

We have been told for the last 30-40 years that we will find a cure for cancer, heart diseae, diabetes, chronic fatigue (and just about every other disease) in the "next few years". The Pharmaceutical Paradigm Does NOT work.

We need to reassess what we eat in order to regain our health & wellness. Look back to how mother nature provided us with nourishment and simulate that. But how do we do that in our modern society...?

When we can't get what we want from our food, we HAVE to supplement our diet with what's missing.

When Captain Cook sailed the Seven Seas he made a point of getting his sailors to consume limes on a daily basis in order to stop them getting Scurvy. Cook knew there was "something" in the limes which provided resistance to Scurvy. This is the reason why British sailors are still called "Limeys".

We know today that it's Vitamin C and that we can REVERSE Scurvey by consuming Vitamin C. So how come we have been "hoodwinked" into thinking that a deadly, debilitating, toxic pharmaceutical substance ("drug") is going to reverse ANY other disease?

Over the last 10,000 years we have learned and forgotten an amazing amount of information, however, we have FINALLY come to realise...

  • The Body Knows How to Heal Itself
  • The Cell is the Basic unit of the Body
  • Healthy Cells make Healthy Tissues
  • Healthy Tissues make Healthy Organs
  • Healthy Organs make Healthy Bodies
  • Cells "talk" amongst each other using "sugars" on the cell wall
  • The better the cells communicate, the healthier they will be
  • Essential Nutrients MUST be consumed DAILY for Optimum Health


Glyconutrients & Glycobiology

Glyconutrients are plant carbohydrates (monosaccharides) are biologially essential plant sugars and have only recently been shown to be Essential to all Human Life. Until the mid 1990's Carbohydrates were believed to only provide energy.

You have hear of the Doctor's Doctor and the Lawyer's Lawyer... well Glyconutrients are the "Nutrient's Nutrient". Without Glyconutrients in your daily intake of food intake your cells will lose communication and fail to do what they are designed to do.

The term "Glycobiology" (the study of Glyconutrients) was only coined in 1991. Since then a wealth of information has been unearthed and is revolutionising healthcare and the treatment of disease. It is a new and emerging area of nutritional science that even your doctor has little knowledge (if ANY knowledge at all).

Glyconutrients - The Missing Link? (PDF - 3.2Mb)
5 page article published in "Positive Health" Magazine Feb 2002

Visit the LIBRARY
A vast collection of testimonials plus Scientific and Media Validation


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"No matter how far we travel down the WRONG road... we MUST turn back!" (Old Turkish Proverb)


Disruptive Technology

They used to think the earth was flat... and now everyone knows otherwise. LP records used to be the best thing... until CD's came along. This is called "Disruptive Technology" and our company leads the pack in the nutraceutical industry with it's patented "Glyconutrient" technology.

It's the same with ALL new discoveries. First it's Ridiculed... then it's Opposed... Then it's Accepted and considered Self Evident

Glyconutrients are NEW, they're DIFFERENT and the WORK. And soon everyone will be saying "Oh, of course... I knew that all along..." hmmm....

Glyconutrients work on your body's "operating system" by feeding it with necessary nutrients required for proper function. Treating symptoms is a thing of the past. The "Cut, Burn, Poison" philosophy of the present medical establishment will be considered barbaric in 10 years.

Remember your history...


"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and joy cannot be felt."
(Herophilies, 300 BC, Physician to Alexander the Great)


Repair & Regenerate - Defeat Disease

It has now been shown scientifically that need to ingest Glycobutrients on a daily basis in order to protect your cells from attack by various bacteria & viruses. They are responsible for the recognition and regulation of ALL functions of EVERY cell in your body. Without them the systems fail and disease starts.

Dr Emil Mendoa, in his book "Sugas that Heal" noted that Glyconutrents (plant sourced monosaccharides - sugars) can...

  • Reverse 8 of the 10 Biomarkers Ageing
  • Fight & Reverse Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Normalise Blood Sugar
  • Reduce Stress
  • Burn Excess Fat
  • Increase LEAN Muscle
  • Relieve Allergies
  • Strengthen Bones
  • Accelerate Wound Healing
  • Provide You with More Energy
  • Improve Sporting Performance
  • Improve All-Round Health

Sugars That Heal...

Quoted from "Sugars that Heal" by Dr Emil Mondoa (C) 2001

"Sugars That Heal" sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it's the key to one of the most important breakthroughs in recent medical science. We've all been bombarded with warnings about the evils of consuming too much sugar. But, in fact, for our bodies to function properly, we need small amounts of eight essential sugars, only two of which - glucose and galactose - are commonly found in our limited, over-processed diets.

When all eight sugars are available, the health benefits can be astonishing. Individuals regain their ability to fight disease, reactivate their immune systems, and ward off infection. Based on cutting-edge research in the rapidly evolving science of glyconutrients, Sugars That Heal is an exciting new approach to health and disease prevention.

As a medical doctor and scientific researcher Emil Mondoa explains, these eight essential sugars, known as saccharides, are the basis of multicellular intelligence - the ability of cells to communicate, cohere, and work together to keep us healthy and balanced. Even tiny amounts of these sugars - or lack of them - have profound effects.

"In test after test, conducted at leading institutes around the world, saccharides have been shown to lower cholesterol, increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat, accelerate wound healing, ease allergy symptoms, and allay autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetes. Bacterial infections, including the recurrent ear infections that plague toddlers, often respond remarkable to saccharides, as do many viruses - from the common cold to the flu, from herpes to HIV."

"The debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Gulf War syndrome frequently abate after adding saccharides. And for cancer patients, saccharides mitigate the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy - while augmenting their cancer-killing effects, resulting in prolonged survival and improved quality of life."


Scientific Validation

Our Company filed 96 patents on our products to protect ourselves from others duplicating our technology and inventions.

Patents have already been accepted in South Africa, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand. The rest of the world will eventually follow. Your busines future is assured. We virtually OWN the Glyconutrient Industry!

Just about every respected Scientific journal has now published documents and articles on Glycobiology and Glyconutrients. Soon the world will know it as common knowledge. It is OUR job to help spread the word.


Essential Nutrients are Required Daily

For centuries we ate like hunter gatherers... but now we think we know better than mother nature. The food chain is now depleted of essential nutrients because we pick fruits and vegetables before they are ripe ("Green Harvest"), we spray pesticides all over them, store them in toxic environments, process the goodness out of them then add preservatives, fillers, enhances, sugars and fats.

No Wonder we are getting sicker and sicker. We are STARVING and POISONING ourselves. Our foods are getting more and more toxic AND it's getting less and less nourishing.

Because of our modern lifestyles our body's demand for essential nutrients has actually INCREASED.

We DO NOT develop deficiencies of DRUGS! (Prednisone, Cortisone, Aspirin, Viagara, Tamoxifen etc). We CAN, however, develop deficiencies of ESSENTIAL PLANT NUTRIENTS.

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Glyconutritional Supplements  

Who do you know who would settle for anything less than the best of health if he or she had a choice? No one, of course! If someone offered you the freedom to enjoy optimum health, wouldn't you at least look into it?

Doesn't a lifestyle of vibrant health, and growing old gracefully sound appealing? One answer for you might be Our Optimal Health System which is designed to help support your body.

The only way we can get enough nutrients in our diet is to consume High Quality Dietary SUPPLEMENTS of Essential Nutrients EVERY DAY.

Our Optimal Health Plan, just four products, can help you construct and maintain a long-lasting foundation for your health. Reverse 8 of the 10 biomarkers of ageing by feeding your body what it needs. An increasing list of medical trials are also now proving that you really CAN win the battle against ageing & disease.

Our Weight Management System is a revolution in health care. We have taken out the hype and based every product on glycaemic indexing, the new world standard in Weight Management. Backed by the latest research our products have no competition! We simply have the best products available today!

Our Sports Performance Products produce results that only the competition can envy. With 3 of the world's major sporting associations actively endorsing our products over all others, why would you want to train without them?

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