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With President Ronald Reagan



With the Bush's



Australia - Prime Minister John W. Howard


Austria - President Thomas Klestil



Azerbaijan - President Heydar Alyev



Bulgaria - Prime Minister Simeon II


Canada - Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

Fiji - President Ratu Josefa



France - President Jacques Chirac


France - Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin

Germany - Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder


Germany - President Horst Kohler


Guatemala - President Alfonso Portillo


Kazakhstan - President Nursultan Nazarbayev


Lithuania - President Rolandas Paksas


Mexico - President Vicente Fox


Russia - President Vladimir Putin


Turkey - Defence Minister Vecdi Gunul

Ukraine - Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych

Ukraine - President Viktor Yushenko

United States of America - President George W. Bush



US "Presidents" ruled
by Jewish power



President Gerald Ford (1974-1977)

President Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)



President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)


President George W. Bush

(2001-Two Stolen Elections & Counting ...)

Senators &
ruled by Jews...

Congressman Tom Davis Jr. heads
a Lubavitch Ceremony ...



Congressman Eric Cantor celebrates
with representatives of Lubavitch.


Congressman Adam Schiff even dons a Yarmulke to
 publicly declare his support for the Lubavitch Movement.



Jewish Senator Al Gore (Former Vice President) sits with
representatives of the Jewish Supremacist Movement, Lubavitch.



Jewish Senator Joseph Lieberman accepts an Award from
the Washington-Based Organisation, "Friends of Lubavitch" ...



Senator Bob Dole visits followers of the
extremist Orthodox Lubavitch Movement.



Even Senator Ted Kennedy can not avoid
representatives of this Jewish Supremacist group!



Jewish Senator Rudy Boschowitz at yet another Lubavitch Award Ceremony  


US Governors & Mayors
ruled by Jews...



Jeb Bush (Governor of Florida, and Brother of George W. Bush)
 meets with representatives of the Zionist Lubavitch Movement.


Newly elected Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
receives a Jewish Menorah on the steps of the State Capitol,
again, from representatives of the Lubavitch Movement.



Governor Blagojevich flanked by Members of the
Jewish Supremacist Lubavitch Movement...


Former Jewish Mayor of New York, Rudi Giulliani gives a speech at a Lubavitcher "Award" Ceremony ( Rabbi Schneerson:
Former Leader of the extremist Lubavitch Movement] in the painting behind him).



Governor of New York, George Pataki, at the same Lubavitcher "Award"  ceremony. Inset: Hillary Rodham Clinton (wife of Bill Clinton) was also in attendance 


Former Jewish Mayor of New York, Ed Koch meeting with the Rebbe himself.


Before you look at the photos above, I want you to consider something...

Think about the people who rule your country... with their thousand dollar suits, their chic stretch limousines, their 200 dollar luncheons - paid for by you, of course - their many lucrative contacts with moneyed-up corporate sponsors, as well as their ties to "big banks" and "special interest" groups of all kinds...

Think about YOUR untouchable leaders.

Now ask yourself honestly:

How many of these so-called "leaders" would actually take the time to meet with us, if we so desired?

How many of these "leaders" would not only set aside the time to meet with us, but actually invite us into their work environment, so that we may confide in them; so that we may express our heartfelt desires for the betterment of our people and our families?

Not too many, I hear you say.

Indeed, no matter how you look at it, whether you admire your leaders, or despise them; we all know that the vast majority of them would NEVER voluntarily meet with "us".

Enter the Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch...

This group of fanatically Zionist Jews - who blindly support the most dangerous apartheid regime on earth (virtually as an Article of Faith) - can literally meet and greet most any politician, across the length and breadth of this lonely planet.

At their beck and call, Gentile leaders fawn and swoon; giving them the softest of glances, the warmest of handshakes, the gentlest of words... and no amount of Palestinian or Lebanese blood, nor the blood of the Rachel Corries of this world, nor even the blood of children targeted by psychotic U.S funded Israeli snipers, nor mountains of human-rights abuses (all caused by the Jewish Lubavitcher's "beloved" Israel), can stop or even hinder, the tenor of such meetings...

One could not be blamed for thinking that it must not be mere "men" that our leaders are meeting with, but perhaps "Kings"! For they MUST be important beyond belief to be so easily, and so regularly, shuttled into the schedule of what must be some of the busiest men on earth...

Surely our criminally-inclined, (s) elected leaders only meet with individuals, or groups, when such meetings will translate into votes at the ballot box, no? For example, when there's a community-oriented photo opportunity for local snap-happy media rags, or when the result of certain public gatherings is a well calculated windfall of sponsorship dollars for the Party coffers ... or when a visit to dying children in a hospital's Cancer Ward (just before election time, mind you) can result in a whirlwind of "goodwill" from an overly gullible vote-ready constituency ... Of course, for all these reasons and others besides, a political leader will gladly make room in his precious schedule.

But... the last time I checked, Jews made up only 2% of the total U.S. population, and only 1.2% of Canada's total population; barely 1% of France's population and a mere 0.5% & 0.45% of the U.K  & Australian populations respectively. And for a greater understanding, consider that of the 13,000,000 or so Jews living on this planet, only 200,000 of them claim to be Chabad-Lubavitchers!

It is as clear as the sun at midday, that appealing to such a minority group, under normal circumstances, would not - nay, COULD NOT - result in any significant swing in potential votes!

So, if it's not about the "vote"... then what is it about?

The question must be asked: Where does the loyalty of our leaders lie?

Why do they smile so, at men who unabashedly support the brutal terrorist regime of "Israel"? A regime which has, without provocation, violently attacked every single one of its  neighbours... Why are our Leaders so fond of a small group of men who view the innocent victims of this foul regime as "unrepentant evil-doers", as "aggressors" whose wives and children are as "guilty" as they have deemed those oppressed men to be?

It baffles the mind ...

Would our leaders have sympathised so easily with representatives of Nazi Germany? Would they have welcomed the leaders of Apartheid South Africa - during the height of it's power - with firm handshakes and comforting smiles?! Would Pol Pot, Stalin or Mao Tse-tung be welcomed with open arms by the leaders of today's world?

Would the followers of these fascist dictators be supported, or scorned?

So, what of this Jewish Supremacist Movement, the Chabad ... this racist, merciless group of men who clasp the hand of "Democratically-elected" Western leaders with their right hand, whilst their left hand launches deceptive Telethon's & "charities" in order extract yet more money from U.S citizens for Israel's continued slaughter of innocent women and children in Palestine - (Is 6 billion per annum in U.S Tax-payer dollars not enough, Oh Israel?!)

Unless I'm mistaken, shouldn't such men be deemed the "enemy"? Or at least, a group that is to be avoided, boycotted & sanctioned (until they come to their senses), in particular by the leaders of the so-called "freedom-loving" West; those men who boast of heading "Democracies" where honour and human dignity are at least given lip-service too; leaders who pride themselves on their countries "human-rights" records, and of heading societies that at least feign egalitarianism, and "justice for all"?

You can judge a man by the company he keeps ... for we are, each of us, a mirror image to our friends and supporters - Know this rule, and know it well.

We all know the absolute raw criminality of the State of Israel (and I don't care if your pro-Israel, or if you feign some kind of "neutrality" on this issue: You still know it ... you're simply in denial) and that world leaders who claim allegiance to the above-mentioned qualities kiss not only the feet of Israel but also those of its supporters & enablers - on a daily basis - is a shocking indictment on both them, and us.

For, as " are what you eat", you will most certainly become that which you admire...

This is a warning to us all, especially those of us who live in here the "West":

Are YOU ready for the Isreali occupation template to be superimposed over your neighbourhood?

ISRAEL is a militaristic, anti-democratic, racist, apartheid, 
ethnic-cleansing, genocidal, intolerant, theocratic, rogue state:


- 92% of all the land inside the Green Line of Israel is reserved for Jews only; the rest of the land, approximately 8%, is for the non-Jewish people who comprise 20% of the total Israeli population. Therefore, it is a segregated, apartheid country...

- This is further evidenced by the fact that there are Jews-only by-pass roads that go to Jews-only settlements built on stolen Palestinian land.

- Non-Jews are never given permits to build inside Israel.

- Jews are only allowed to marry fellow Jews inside Israel or else the marriage is not considered valid or legal, therefore there is not religious freedom nor freedom of choice.

- It is against Israeli law for Christians to hand out Christian literature (or for Muslims to hand out Islamic literature) on the streets in Israel, therefore there is no religious freedom.

- Israel is a "Jewish state", whereby all Jews receive preferential treatment in every way, therefore it is NOT a democratic, secular state.

- In fact, non-Jewish Israelis are not allowed to run for office in Israel if they want to run on a platform calling for Israel to transform into a truly democratic, secular country...

- At all Israeli [news] papers, all the journalists are Jewish, therefore there is no "equal representation" even in the media, nothing close to it. NO EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for non-Jews.

- Jews from around the world are encouraged by the Israeli government to go to Palestinian Territories and steal Palestinian land using guns for illegal Jewish settlements...

Meanwhile, Palestinians are forced to live under strict curfew, roadblocks, and checkpoints, which strangulate any kind of normal life...

- Palestinians in the Palestinian Territories of the Gaza Strip & the West Bank must pay taxes to Israel yet they do not have the right to vote in Israeli elections. This is taxation without representation. This is tyranny.

- Discrimination is not allowed [by law] in the U.S. but in Israel political leaders openly call for a transfer of non-Jews from Israel. Newspapers constantly print racist, discriminatory articles about non-Jews. Racist, anti-Arab graffitti is everywhere in Israel and allowed to stay there.

- Palestinian refugees, who were chased off their land in terror in 1948 when the Jewish state of Israel was created by the UN who gave away Arab land that was NOT theirs to give away in the first place to Jewish Europeans, have never been allowed to return to their homeland of Palestine-Israel even though it is their right according to UN Resolutions and International Law.

Observing the Return of the Jewish Pharisees & the Revival of "Eretz Yisroel" through the Manipulation of non-Jews (i.e. Goy) Leaders ...

"The [U.N] General Assembly determines that Zionism
is a form of racism and racial discrimination."

United Nations General Assembly Resolution Number 3379 (Revoked under massive Zionist pressure by Resolution Number 4686)