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The McKenzie Institute of National and International Public Policy is an Australasian based private independent think-tank. Our interest is in national and international public policy with political, economic, national security, military, health and scientific emphasis. 

Our goal is to provide news, scholarly research and commentary from a varied selection of Institute members as well as other contributors from Australasia and abroad. We wish to raise many important, if not critical issues that have been hidden from the public and place them on top of the table for public discussion.

This site is a work in early progress. More and more information will be loaded over the coming months. We appreciate your patience and invite you to visit us on an ongoing basis. Invite your friends and family to our site.

The McKenzie Institute of National and International Public Policy roots were formed in the late 1960s at Otago Boys High School, Dunedin, New Zealand, one of the finest New Zealand educational establishments and shaper of many of New Zealand's elite business and political leaders including several Prime Ministers.

Clan Mackenzie is a Highland Scottish clan traditionally associated with Kintail and lands in Ross-shire. The ancestral name is part of the genealogy roots of the The McKenzie Institute Director who for security reasons prefers to be unidentified on this site.