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Shalom Institute of the South Pacific - Promoting Hebraic Understanding of Hebrew Scripture

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Have We Really Been Doing It By The Book?
The Physical Appearance of Ancient Israel
Yes - The Original Hebrews Were Blacks
The European change of the depiction of YAHUSHUA over time
The Characteristics of Israel
Identifying names to areas
Not Under Law But Under Grace Error
Moshiach Yahushua's Mission
Christianity's Departure from the Hebrew Patriarchal Roots
Apostle Shaul Taught Torah
Restoration of the 2 Houses of Israel
Who Do You Worship?
Some of Christianity's Origins
Where Did The Christian Sermon Come From?
The Pastor is in the Bible...Right?
The Pagan Trinity
Where do we go upon death?
The Origins of Christ-mass
Black King Tutankhamun
The Ancient Cushite Empire
The Golden African Age
"Jews" not the descendants of the Israelites
"Jewish" Talmud the wellspring of "Jewish" tyrannical teachings
What the Jewish Talmud says about Christians
More Truth about the Racist Jewish Talmud
"Jews" and Communism
Jews and the Black Holocaust
Blacks and Jews
More Assorted Information on the "Jews"
1001 Quotes By and About "Jews"
European Economic Domination of Afrika and Afrikans
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The Shalom Institute of the South Pacific

For some years now it has become evident there is a deception operating amongst modern Christian and Messianic apologists, ministers, priests and bishops who wilfully ignore what is going on in the halls of higher learning because they have a fixed belief system which is either too fragile, too delicate, or simply too rigid to bear the extra weight of insight and discovery.
Christians at all levels of intelligence and capacity are denied access to vital information concerning their religion, and this curtailment of information helps breed either an attitude of ill-founded complacency, or one of smug self-certainty.
Living in a kind of metaphysical dream, these custodians of "old fashioned" Christianity stumble from one futile explanation of Biblical events to another, slipping easily from the lips when the mind has been overtaken by spiritual vertigo due to intellectual undernourishment.
When questioned on the efficacy of the Christian faith, the reaction is oftentimes amusing - metaphorically, doors are bolted and windows barred to save the "faithful" from contamination. This is really more about the state of Christianity than the Shalom Institute but goes along way without any further explanation or embarrassment as to the reason for this site.
There are myriads of truth seekers from within and outside religious systems that are yearning for clear answers for themselves, their families and their communities. We trust that this information site will in some way steer those who need direction and more importantly truth in a purer form, to be blessed with information from the unadulterated Hebrew Scriptures and it's source the Elohim of Ysrael.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is too bring together information and individual researchers and contributors throughout Australasia and beyond who have a commitment to getting information out to seekers of truth.
Dissecting some of the information will be a challenge for many people. There will be information which will upturn many dearly held doctrines which have been fundamental to belief systems. For many the newly acquired truth will come at the price of relationships and friendships.
Alot of what we have been taught at home, in schools and universities will be up-ended as we come into real understanding of true historical facts, replacing the Euro-centric rewritten programme we have received in ignorance. Understanding the origins and subsequent failure of our Western culture is important. This prevailing western culture has shaped who we are and how we think and live. 
Sir Winston Churchill made the comment, "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing happened."
Epictetus was quoted as saying, "A man that seeks truth and loves it must be reckoned precious to any human society."
Our desire is that you will be the later person, and allow yourself to move forward into a great destiny in the plans and purposes that YAHUAH has for you as you arm yourself with the truth and wisdom that He will reveal to you. 
With the help of Scripture and grounded historical facts we endeavour to bring reality and sensibility back in helping you to become firm footed in your belief and in your world and life situation.
We suggest you put away any of your theologies and doctrines, your traditions and dearly held beliefs as you objectively study the information we have published here. I recommend you study this information for yourself. Don't seek for your pastor's or rabbi's opinion. We have been given the capability to think things out for ourselves without the influence of those without Hebrew understanding and/or harbour incomplete recognitions of Torah observance and obedience. Understand the clarity of historical facts. Avoid trying to see the Scriptures through your "christian" or "Jewish" lenses. Open your new eyes that will receive information from the Hebrew perspective. This a tribal black "third world", if you will, cultural perspective. Let your mind be renewed by what the Scripture is actually saying, and not particularly what your "christian", "messianic" or "Jewish" thinking wants to trigger up.
The Hebrew (Bible) culture is foreign to the Western/European culture in many ways. It is also foriegn to and should not be confused with the "Jewish" culture. They are worlds apart from the true Hebrew culture of Scripture and world's away from the coming new world or Kingdom being restored through the work of YAHUSHUA the coming Moshiach/Messiah of Ysrael.
The tribal nature of community, the different marriage systems and family culture, the Patriarchal aspect, are just some of the facets which have been either censored out by Roman/Greek Christianity/Jewish religions or changed.
This has largely come about through the Roman laws out-lawing the observance of Torah in ancient times, mis-translated and deliberately changed Bible versions, rewritten Afro-centric history to a white Euro-centric history, black racism and a universal programme of reinterpreting the cultures of the Bible to white culture with an added inclusion of a substitute Chosen people from middle Europe who are non-Semitic converts with a Turkic-Kazar history. 
Many of the issues of our current modern history are given clarity also in regards to events in the Middle East through identification of nations, tribes and individuals. This will cause us to rethink our understanding of the real truth, rather than propoganda by the "church", media and Governments.
Also over the last 1700 years, a religious Catholicism/Church identity has been introduced and has willfully and affectively worked over time to veil the real message of YAHUAH the Elohim (GOD) of Ysrael to those who need and seek Him.
Often people get angered with information they don't agree with. More often it tells more about the person and what's inside them than about what it is they are reading. This happens with alot of information that runs contrary to what we have innocently but blindly accepted over the years. We want to assure you that we are not here to deliberately aggravate visitors. We wish to bless you with truth. If there are things that are out of order in your thinking or understanding which the truth will reveal, then we suggest that you let YAHUAH change you as you line up your ways with His. We don't advocate you change Him to fit your ideas but let Him change yours. He will help you. 
We also want to be clear, that we are not racists, black supremacists or white supremacists. We don't advocate persecution of any type toward anyone, individuals or cultural groups. We will openly talk about different cultures or societies, and individuals within the context of discussing historical events and issues, but we want to make it clear beyoind any doubt that we do so in the spirit equality, openness and honesty, laying down and clarifying factual information in an objective and constructive manner.
The site is a work in progress, so if you are an early visitor, please come and visit regularly as we will continuously add more and more information as time permits.
Be blessed

Expelling Myths, Mischief and Misconceptions of Christianity