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Identifying Pre-European Names of Areas

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Source: Blacks in Antiquity
Greek and Roman Descriptions of Ethiopians or Blacks generally:
aethiops, melas, melanochoros, niger, ater, aquilus, exustus, furvus, fuscus, percotus. (p. 3)
Additional Greco-Roman ethnonyms of Blacks:
Afer (African), Indus/Indi (India), Maurus(Moor) (p. 11)
Greco-Roman toponyms of--national, regional, continental:
Libya: derived from ancient Egyptian word lebu, given to the people who inhbited the lands west of the Nile.
India: in the ancient mind, Africa and continental India were linked; Indians were often called the eastern Ethiopians.
Ethiopia: An early Greek name, meaning "sunburnt," for the African countries and regions to the south and west of Egypt. The term Ethiopia was interchangeable with Libya, India, Nubia, and Africa.
Nubia: Latin term, derived from Egyptian word nub meaning "gold" referring to the southern fifth of Egypt plus the northern fifth of the Sudan.
Africa or Afer: Latin term which came to be, and remains, the name for the entire continent.  

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