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Who Do You Worship?

How do we know if we worship the right deity? Let's look at a few points that identify YAHUAH's Messiah.

  • He came in his Father's name. 
  • His Father's name is YAHUAH.
  • His Father's name was in his.
  • Salvation is found in no other name (YAHUSHUA - the salvation of YAHUAH).
  • He kept the commandments of YAHUAH and Torah. 
  • He did not come to destroy the Torah. 
  • He kept the Shabbat.
  • The keeping of the Shabbat is a sign between YAHUAH and His people forever.
  • He kept the clean food laws. He never ate pork.
  • He kept YAHUAH's Feasts. 
  • He came to seek out and save the lost sheep of the House of Israel. 
  • He was in the grave 3 days and 3 nights. (The sign of Jonah). 
  • He was born during the Feast of Tabernacles. 
  • He will return and every eye will see him. 
  • His bride is Israel.

Then whose Messiah does the following identify?

  • He came in his own name.
  • His Father is called "The Lord" or "Baal".
  • His Father's name is probably in his name, but it's not YAHUAH.
  • Salvation is not found in his name.
  • He did away with the Torah (law).
  • He is the Torahless (lawless) one.
  • His followers do not keep the Shabbat, but keep Sunday instead. 
  • The keeping of Sunday is a sign between "The Lord?" and his people? 
  • His followers say he abolished the clean/unclean food laws. 
  • His followers eat pork. 
  • His followers keep pagan feasts instead. 
  • His followers believe they have replaced Israel. 
  • He was in the grave from Friday evening to Sunday morning (1 days). 
  • He was born on Dec. 25 (same as Tammuz the sun god). 
  • He will come in a secret rapture. 
  • His bride is the "church".

The first set identifies YAHUSHUA, the true Messiah.

The second set identifies the false Messiah.

The choice is yours, who will you worship?

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