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What does it mean to have product superiority? In Mannatech's case, it means that we have proprietary products that are developed with knowledge of the latest research in nutrition science in a state of-the-art research and development laboratory.
Research-based products focused on one thing...Health!
Mannatech's flagship product AmbrotoseŽ complex is only one of twenty-plus patented or exclusive cutting edge products that Mannatech has developed. And that doesn't include the products soon to be released from Mannatech's $1.5 million state-of-the-art research laboratory in Coppell, Texas.
Functional Sugar-the molecules of the next decade.
From its inception, the company has focused on formulating and marketing a line of proprietary nutritional supplements, beginning with the introduction of two carefully selected products. The line soon expanded as satisfied consumers generated a growing market. Today, Mannatech is a world leader in the exciting new nutritional industry with technology in glyconutritionals that is unsurpassed.

Mannatech is the leader in a whole new area of the emerging Wellness Industry.
Rather than developing synthetic carbohydrates as many drug companies are doing, Mannatech has developed naturally occurring, plant-derived, carbohydrate-based products. These products are designed to use food nutrients working through normal physiology to maintain Optimal Health. With the creation of a proprietary blend of glyconutrients in AmbrotoseŽ complex, Mannatech solidly established itself as a leader in the emerging field of nutraceuticals.

The demand for neutraceuticals is exploding beyond borders.
AmbrotoseŽ complex is available only through Mannatech. Research and development of these new innovative products, like AmbrotoseŽ complex, are what puts Mannatech at the forefront of a projected multi-billion-dollar industry.