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Unique in carbohydrate technology, AmbrotoseŽ complex is a proprietary blend of plant derived carbohydrates that contain saccharides, which are known to play an important role in one of the most critical functions of the life process: cell-to-cell communication.
Important discovery leads to a new era in food supplements.
In 1981 while working for an independent laboratory,
Bill McAnalley, PhD, Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer, discovered the active ingredient in aloe Vera, a carbohydrate named Mannose. The laboratory quickly filed over 100 patents on the discovery and various processes connected with it. Subsequently, Harper's Biochemistry published the "alphabet of the cell" which describes the carbohydrates that are necessary for optimal cell-to-cell communication of which Mannose is one.
A simple concept for a major
new product.
In 1996 Dr. McAnalley recognized that the body might benefit from a nutritional supplemental blend containing the saccharides necessary for optimal cell-to-cell communication. His strategy was simple: if you directly increase the intake of these necessary carbohydrates needed for cell-to-cell communication, optimal health would be enhanced. The result AmbrotoseŽ complex.

Natural Health Care Practitioners recognize McAnalley and McDaniel for AmbrotoseŽ complex.
In 1996, the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), the largest association for natural health care practitioners, presented its highest scientific recognition to Mannatech's Chief Science Officer, Dr. McAnalley, for the development of AmbrotoseŽ complex.

Royal Academy of Medicine recognizes Dr. Boyd for work
with glyconutritionals.

Dr. Steven Boyd, International Medical Director, has been involved in the effort to research and develop naturally occurring compounds as therapeutics and nutritional supplements since 1992. During this time he has extensively studied the biology and pharmacology of carbohydrates and glyconutrients, including AmbrotoseŽ complex. As a result of his work with glyconutritionals, Dr. Boyd was elected a fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine in London, England, in April, 2001.

The glyconutrient opportunity is only available
through Mannatech.

Our products are designed to use nutrients working through normal physiology to maintain optimal health with improved nutrition. AmbrotoseŽ complex is an ingredient in several products marketed by Mannatech and is available only through this company. The discovery and development of AmbrotoseŽ complex has established Mannatech as a clear leader in the nutritional supplements industry.


Let's face it; we don't always eat what we should.
Glyconutritionals are nutrients derived from saccharides, which are required for forming glycoproteins and are essential in cell-to-cell communication. In particular, scientists have found that carbohydrates are far from more than just a source of energy; they actually have a role in accurate internal communication. In its most basic form, communication that occurs at the cellular level.

Good communication is critical to the functioning of any organization.
The human body has a miraculous capacity to overcome almost any assault from toxins, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Encoded in every one of our cells is the information needed to carry out its biological function and its ability to orchestrate defense and repair. If you think of the human body as an organization of 600 trillion cells, you can understand that it's critical that the cells "talk" to each other to keep the organization functioning properly.
"Essential Sugars"
Scientists have recently discovered that the transfer of this complex data (cell-to-cell communication) requires specific saccharide molecules connected inside each cell in different configurations to transfer different messages. When supplied in the diet, these saccharides are called glyconutrients, uniquely structured sugar molecules that represent the alphabet for biological information, and are critical to the health and survival of every cell.

Good nutrition necessary to producing necessary saccharides.
Of the required saccharides needed for cellular communication, only twoglucose and galactoseare commonly found in the food we eat. Although the body may be able to manufacture the others, the conversion process is complicated and can be interrupted by poor nutrition, disease, environ-
mental stressors and many other factors. Given our modern lifestyles and eat-on-the-run diets, taking AmbrotoseŽ complex ensures the body has a ready supply of the saccharides it requires to support optimal cellular communication.

More than a typical supplement.
Even though you may be taking vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, if you're not taking glyconutritionals, you're overlooking one of the fundamental steps to your well being. Accurate cell-to-cell communication is vital to optimal health.