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"Who is Mannatech?"

Mannatech Inc., founded in 1994, is a publicly traded international research and development company headquartered in Coppell, Texas. From its inception, the company has focused on formulating and marketing a line of proprietary nutritional supplements, beginning with the introduction of two carefully selected products. The line soon expanded as satisfied consumers generated a growing market. Today, Mannatech is a world leader in the exciting new nutritional industry of nutraceuticals.

Rather than developing synthetic carbohydrates as drug companies are doing, Mannatech has developed naturally occurring, plant-derived, carbohydrate-based products. These products are designed to use nutrients working through normal physiology to maintain Optimal Health with improved nutrition. With the creation of a proprietary blend of glyconutrients, Ambrotose complex, Mannatech solidly established itself as a leader in the emerging field of nutraceuticals. In 1996, Mannatech not only filed for domestic and international patents on this proprietary product, but also began expanding operations internationally by opening in Canada.
Springboarding from first year sales of $8 million to sales of approximately $164 million in 1998, Mannatech accelerated expansion around the globe. In the autumn of 1998, Mannatech opened for business in Australia, establishing offices in St. Leonards, a suburb of Sydney in New South Wales. Mannatech's proprietary products have found an eager market in the land down under with opening sales figures far exceeding initial projections. In late 1999, Mannatech established itself in the United Kingdom with offices near London, and global sales for the year reached almost $180 million. In June 2000, Mannatech launched its operations in Japan-the third largest dietary supplement market in the world.
With the efforts of over 270,000 hard-working active Associates using a system of network marketing, Mannatech has not only introduced thousands of people to a beneficial new type of dietary supplement, but has also helped many people realize a dream of financial freedom.