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Only the highest quality ingredients used.
Mannatech uses only the highest quality ingredients in manufacturing its products, and our products are made to the finest standards of production. Our impressive team of quality assurance professionals, research scientists and medical doctors assures that quality standards of production are consistently followed by quality testing products in the company's state-of-the-art laboratory. The purity of ingredients and strict manufacturing standards has resulted in many of our products being certified as Strict Kosher.
Strict guidelines ensure consistently high
quality products.

Formulations are made with natural ingredients whenever possible, produced under strict guidelines and conditions to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and unsurpassed quality for every product. Mannatech's comprehensive quality system is based on the Good Manufacturing Practices for foods and enhanced to incorporate the unique requirements of dietary supplements. In fact, many of the professionals on staff are from the pharmaceutical industry. Mannatech sets the standards of excellence as high as possible for every product.
Mannatech uses only natural,
plant-derived ingredients in
AmbrotoseŽ complex.

Mannatech uses no synthetic carbohydrates in AmbrotoseŽ complex. Our products, contain naturally occurring, plant-derived ingredients, and are designed to help maintain optimal health with nutrients working through normal physiology to support the body's immune and endocrine systems.

Manufacturers must meet stringent standards for quality.
Only manufacturers that meet the stringent requirements of the FDA for foods, and that have been inspected by the FDA or certified by associations such as the Association for Clinical, Environmental, Research and Information Sciences (ACERIS) and the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) can manufacture Mannatech products. Members of our management team meet with suppliers and manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure their processes meet our rigorous standards for quality.

Ingredients must meet
rigorous specifications.

Mannatech specifications, sampling plans and test procedures assure that all of our products conform to the appropriate quality standards. Before a product or ingredient can be released for use, it must meet standards based on rigorous specifications for microbiological, chemical and physical analysis.

Routine testing assures
fresh products.

Selected finished products and ingredients are routinely tested to determine their stability under controlled storage conditions. The test results are used to establish suitable expiration dates.

Only products that meet our exacting standards are distributed.
Mannatech identifies any materials, components or final products that are not up to our exacting standards, and thoroughly investigates the causes, documents the findings, and controls disposition to ensure that only products meeting proper characteristics are distributed.
Renowned scientists and medical doctors direct
product development.

An impressive group of renowned scientists oversee Mannatech's research and development department. Premier Science is at the heart of Mannatech.

Our products provide an enormous opportunity with unlimited potential.
Our products create a tremendous opportunity to build a long lasting global business that you can pass on to your children. Whether your interest is in the best health strategy for your family, or in addition, an unprecedented business opportunity, look further into Mannatech. The closer you look, the better we'll look!