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Join a business that has a true opportunity to revolutionize a new industry.
Mannatech is a specialized company because of the glyconutritionals in our product line. What separates us from the crowd is the patent-pending AmbrotoseŽ complex, a proprietary blend of glyconutrients, as well as our science, new product development strategy and superior quality assurance for every product we offer.

Glyconutrients are one of the hottest topics in nutrition and medicine today.
Science Magazine, a peer-reviewed Journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), devoted its March 23, 2001 issue to carbohydrates and glycobiology.
Articles in this special issue validate further the role of saccharides in cell-to-cell communication and immune support. With titles such as "Finding Medicines Sweet Spot" and "Saving Lives with Sugars", it's easy to see that glycobiology is an exciting new discovery for science.

Mannatech is a leader in an emerging field.

With the creation of AmbrotoseŽ complex, Mannatech solidly established itself as a leader in the emerging field of nutraceuticals. Mannatech not only filed for domestic and international patents on this proprietary product, but is also expanding operations internationally, in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

It's not about goal setting, it's about goal getting.
Whether you are interested in obtaining optimal health, or you're looking for the opportunity to build long-term residual income, Mannatech has the plan for you! Mannatech provides bonus plans designed to supply immediate income to new Associates, reward Associates for the incremental steps necessary in building a sales organization, and provide continuing income and greater financial potential to Associates who have built their sales organizations.

The timing is perfect to capitalize on this growing market.
Physical and environmental stresses, compounded by poor nutrition, have people turning to dietary supplements to achieve good health. People are tired of feeling bad and worrying about their health.

You can earn all the freedom you want.

Mannatech is about freedom and providing you with the opportunity to earn all the freedom you want! Mannatech provides all the essential elements for a successful home-based business:

  • Superior products
  • Industry leadership on the verge of explosive growth
  • Global vision to take advantage of an emerging market
  • Unlimited earning potential