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Business Success Story - Sheldon & Lori Davis
Sheldon and Lori discovered that the strength of Mannatech's products and the strength of Mannatech's opportunity can make a difference in people's lives.

Business Success Story - Steve & Sylvia McCoustin
After Mannatech products significantly impacted one of their best friend's life, Steve and Sylvia decided they had to get involved.

Business Success Story - Michael & Brenda Klenk
"Share from your heart, because you can do it. It's about you. Help yourself first, so then you can help others. It's a people business."

Business Success Story - Dr. Budweiser & Karen Hawkins
"Believe in the product, take the product, and learn as much as you can about the product. Set an example. People don't buy the product, people buy you."

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Business Success Story - Joby Weeks
"I'll tell anyone," says Joby Weeks, who has learned a lot about goals, both his and prospective Associates.

Business Success Story - Marcia Smith
Marcia focuses on the bigger picture. She advises, "don't think dollars, think assets."

Business Success Story - Mark & Diane Petticord
Taking advantage of the Mannatech opportunity has given Mark and Diane the time and financial freedom to do the work they really love, supporting their ministry with video documentaries.

Business Success Story - Peter & Bev Coy
After successful small-business owners Peter and Bev retired, they were faced with downgrading their lifestyle or upgrading their income. They chose Mannatech and upgraded their lifestyle.

Business Success Story - Jerry Wiens
"Regional meetings are an incredible way to help you build your business in your area and a tremendous growth tool."

Business Success Story - Richard & Mary Leoppky
"Invest in your personal growth and join a team to make yourself accountable. Meetings are the engines that drives the business."

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Business Success Story - Chris & Tim Knight
For Chris and Tim, Mannatech has given them the freedom to spend time with their children.

Business Success Story - Greg & Candy Ross
Now that both Greg and Candy work from home, they have time to devote to their daughters.

Business Success Story - Mary Jo Wehniainen
"Being there" for their children meant Chuck worked two jobs so Mary JO could be at home. Now they are both at home thanks to their Mannatech success.

Business Success Story - Vivian Saccucci
Vivian has traded her 4:30 a.m. until late night, 365 day-a-year dairy farm schedule for one that set her free to do things that other people consider normal.

Business Success Story - Jacque Wallace
"Associate cross-lines can help you free up time, money and to grow your skills. Associations help you generate new ideas, identify key leaders and attract corporate recognition to grow your business faster."

Business Success Story - Terry Petrovick
Terry and his wife wanted more than anything to be stay-at-home parents. Listen to Terry as he talks about what you need to build your business on the phone.

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