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How important is your time?
Who controls your time schedule now? If not you, wouldn't you rather be in charge? How appealing would it be to work out of your home, avoid your daily commute, and spend more time with your family? Good news! You can do it!!

Experience the kind of freedom that few enjoy.
This is the freedom to live your dreams - to do what you want when you want. How? Just encourage others to achieve their own levels of freedom. Use the flexibility of your Time Freedom to help others succeed and you're headed toward your own freedom!

Teaching, training, coaching.
That's what it's all about. It's working for thousands of people around the world. Why not you? Think of the feeling you'll have as you make a significant difference for hundreds, possibly thousands, of people. That's worth a great deal more than all the financial compensation in the world.

Get your life back!
The scarcest commodity we have today is our time. Almost everyone you know wants to have more time to do the things THEY want to do.

Spend more time with your family
Have the freedom to travel
Time to enjoy your life

Get control of your life! You can do it when you see that your Mannatech income is replacing or even exceeding the income from your current career. You may see that it's time to devote yourself to your Mannatech business only and your time becomes your own.