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About This Website
This site has been published to bring forth scriptural and historical truth that will help you identify who you are, and who the ancient Hebrew Israelites were. We attempt to show you how the negro man contrary to Western rewriting of history, virtually founded civilisation which was cradled in Africa (which included the region of the Holy Land as we know it today) then spread to the four corners of the known world.
We attempt to share the knowledge of the out working of prophecy with these people, including the curses and persecution and enslavement thrust upon this people, as prophecied in the Hebrew scriptures. You will see the United States in true context in past and current times as through the eyes of the Hebrew scripture.
We identify the Khazars. Their decendants, are estimated as 80-90% of world "Jewry". You will appreciate that the term "Jew" or "Jewry" here is a term identifying these people. The name has no link with the Biblical name Judah as Christian believe. They are not from the tribe of Judah. They are not Hebrew, not Israelites nor are they from the line of Shem! They say so themselves in their authoritative literature! This information and their sources are also published on this site. We will show you their stated plans for global domination. You can read some of their racist writings and other important imformation, from their own words and teachings from their Ashkenazi and Rabbinic leaders.
Has this peculiar people usurped the real Chosen People of Yahweh through their form of "Zionism" and the land of Israel? You can judge for yourself using the Hebrew Scripture.
We will show you how Avraham, his family, the twelve tribes of Israel, Enoch, Samson, the Prophets, King David, Solomon, Yahushua HaMoshich (Jesus Christ), His disciples and apostles, even the first Adam and also Eve were coloured, and the fact that the coloured man virtually ruled the world to it's four corners in times past.
We will show you that these coloured people were the ruling Pharaohs of Kumet or Egpyt as can be seen through archeology and historical analysis.
We attempt to not rewrite history, but to put history back into order, from out of the Western-centric twisting and negation of the real truth about these people. We bring the truth of secreted history out into the open for real scrutiny and to the benefit of all those who are willing to learn and grow in the truth of Yahweh the Elohim of Ysrayl/the God of Israel and coloured Saviour King Son Yahushua.
Many of us have been taught lies/untruths from our fathers and teachers. Many have been caught up in religion, Constantinian Religion and other religions and need to turn back finally to truth. The truth will set you free.
Finally, the cost might be huge, but it is worth standing up for.
And lastly and very importantly we wish to refute any charge of racism. We want to expose racism. Ask your rabbi, priest or minister to change the skin colour and features of their saviour to the original and judge for yourself where racism lies. It more often than not lies at the heart of the Constantinian Religion and Western-centric culture. Some would say it is foundational to the culture. We ask you to be the judge. This information is provided by the Shalom Institute, historians, researchers and teachers of Yahweh's truth.
Shalom Institute of Australasia


"A people without a knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots" - Marcus Garvey
We publish on a controversial subject, that is only whispered about from time to time by Scholars, Archaeologists and Theologians. This ground breaking work has been labelled a tremendous contribution to the historical discussion and modern Western understanding. We attempt to show that the original Hebrews who were freed from Egyptian bondage, were a black skinned people. But it doesn't stop there. Among a lot of other surprising information, we provide more information that shows the African Americans are also descendants of those original Hebrews.This site brings out the fact that the Bible or Hebrew Scriptures says Ancient Israel looked like the Ethiopian and Ancient Egyptians. We show this by the biblical comparison of Moses and Joseph to the Ancient Egyptians. We show how the punishments / curses that were put on Israel by the Almighty fit the full description of the African Americans history and social ills in the western hemisphere.
We go deeper, we provide information about the Ashkenazi Jews, and who they are really descendants from......
All this in our site to begin you on the path to the truth about the original Biblical Israelites and a Euro-centric agenda to keep you blind to the historical truth. 
I join with a long list of dedicated people who are committed to bringing to light historical hidden truths regarding the Hebrew Scriptures and the Black Man or Negro (African). As a researcher and teacher/student of Hebrew history, I attempt to bring clarity to these important subjects which are generally misunderstood. They are largely misunderstood through a ignorance, family indifference, deceptive religious beliefs, culture and language misunderstandings.
There has been a huge manipulation of ancient and more modern history where the facts of the Black Man have been both contorted and hidden by the west. This has in affect caused unbelieveable misery and suffering to billions over the history of time globally. To both the Black Man and the White Man.
There is also a grandiose, but evil plan for manipulation of the masses which can destroy economies, create wars and risk the future safety of populations world-wide now as well as the future for our children.
This information is controversial and not generally received easily by westerners or western believers. Nor is it accepted easily by school educators, Rabbis, Jewish folk, Christians, Christian pastors or those in or coming out of religious systems into truth. So expect some reaction even though we don't deliberately try to cause this. Please feel welcome to leave us a message particularIy if you have information or suggestions that could be of help to us here. I  trust that you will benefit from this information, and we give Yahweh the Elohim of Ysrayl (the God of the Israelites) all the glory.
Rav Warren "Israel" Wichman -
Shalom Institute of Historical Studies

The myriad of facts, conjecture, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information in the articles, stories and commentaries posted on this site range from cutting edge hard news and comment to unusual perspectives. We choose not to sweep uncomfortable material under the rug - where it can grow and fester. We choose not to censor skewed logic and uncomfortable rhetoric. These things reflect the world as it now is - for better and worse. We present multiple facts, perspectives, viewpoints, opinions, analyses, and information. If you have more information on a certain subject that verifies it, challenges it or make a comment on it, please email us.

Journalism is (or used to be) the profession of gathering and presenting a broad panorama of news about the events of our times and presenting it to readers for their own consideration. We believe in the intelligence, judgment and wisdom of our readers to discern for themselves among the data which appears on this site that which is valid and worthy...or otherwise.




The idea of a free press in is one that we hold in the highest regard. We believe in bringing our site visitors the widest possible array of information that comes to our attention. We have great trust and respect for the people, and our worldwide audience, and believe them to be fully-capable of making their own decisions and discerning their own realities.


Among the many articles posted here for your consideration, there will doubtless be some that you find useless, and possibly offensive, but we believe you will be perceptive enough to realize that even the stories you disagree with have some value in terms of promoting your own further self-definition and insight. Our site is a smorgasbord of material. Take what you wish and click or scroll right past that which doesn't interest you.


We suggest you don't make 'assumptions' about our official position on issues that are discussed here. That is not what this site is about. We believe it to be unwise to sweep controversy under the carpet. We also firmly believe people should not only read material which they agree with.  


We are not going to censor the news and information here. That is for you to do.


We strongly recommend not 'assuming' anything. Read, consider, and make your own informed decisions. People 'assumed' the Warren Commission report was accurate. It was not. People 'assumed' the Federal Government would never conduct biochemical experiments on the general populace. But it did, by the score. People 'assumed' the world was once flat.


All of the materials and data offered on this site, are for informational and educational purposes only.


And remember: it's all free to you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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