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The history of the Israelite nation began in the land of Ham which was ancient Egypt. Israel spent 430 years in Egypt. They entered 70 in number (including Joseph and his family) and left with well over a million plus Israelites. Israel's "Egyptian" history began with Joseph. Joseph was one of the twelve sons of Jacob. He was sold into Egypt as a slave by Ishmaelites, he was the first Israelite that was in bondage in Egypt. Had Joseph not been sold into Egyptian bondage the Israelite history (in Egypt) would not have been the same as we know it today. Now let’s begin to look at the undeniable parallel between the Hebrews 1st captivity in Egypt, and their last great captivities in the America's. Let’s start this off with the prophecies of Deuteronomy Chapter 28 Verse 68, which states :

"And Yahweh shall bring you into Egypt again with SHIPS, by the way whereof I spake unto you, You shall see it no more again and there you shall be sold unto your enemies as bondmen and bondwomen and no man shall buy you.

I have shown how this particular curse relates to Israel in the America's. But pay attention to the beginning of this verse, it says Yahweh shall bring Israel back into Egypt with ships. This prophecy was spoken to the Israelites as they were just leaving (freed) from physical Egyptian bondage. Israel walked out of Egypt on dry land and could have walked backed on dry land, because during biblical times (and before the digging of the Suez Canal 1865) Israel and Egypt was one continual land mass. So why did Yahweh mention them going back into Egypt in ships? Simple, Yahweh was going to send Israel back into a captivity similar to the captivity they had just left in Egypt, but this time they were going back in ships.

Notice in this verse it says Israel will be sold to their enemies, it doesn't say they will be sold to the Egyptians. This is showing us that the "Egypt" mention in this verse is not the physical land located in North East Africa. But a spiritual captivity that is a reflection of the 1st Egyptian bondage. In Deuteronomy, chapter 28 it was noted that in scripture Egypt was a symbol of bondage to the Israelites.

Egypt is called:

The House Of Bondage (Ex 13:3,14 / 20:4,- DEUT 5:6 / 7:8 / 26:6),

The Iron Furnace (DEUT 4:20),

Furnace of Affliction (Isaiah 48:10), which are all synonymous with hard slavery.

Deuteronomy 28:68 is telling us Israel will go into a parallel Egyptian captivity in ships! This has happened to the Hebrews (“BLACKS”) in the western hemisphere, with the coming of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Nowhere in scripture does it say Deut 28:68 had occurred during biblical times.

So let’s look at the parallels between the Hebrews 1st and last captivity.

(NOTE: I will start this off with Joseph in Egypt because it is with Joseph that the Israelites history in Egypt began, so I will point out a few things that happened to Joseph as they were to became a symbol of the things to come for his people).

1A. Joseph was sold by the Ishmaelites (Arabs) to the Egyptians as a Slave. (Genesis 37:27- 28 - 39:1-2). This is the beginning of the Israelites history in Egypt.

1B. Hebrews were being sold into slavery by the Arabs 1,000 years before the Europeans arrived. It was the Arabs that first sold Hebrews to the Europeans (Portuguese). Figures on the Arab slave trade in Africa are hard to come by, but the historian Paul Lovejoy estimates that some 9.85 million "Africans" (Hebrews) were shipped out as slaves to Arabia and, in small numbers, to the Indian sub-continent. Lovejoy states that between AD 650 and 1600, large numbers of "Africans" (Hebrews) were shipped out by the Arabs. 

His calculations make a rough total of 7.25 million. Then, between 1600 and 1800, another 1.4 million Hebrews were shipped out by the Arabs. The 19th century represented the highest point of the Arabian trade where up to 120,000 "Hebrews" were shipped out every year. The total figure for the 19th century alone was 1.2 million slaves to Arabia. According to Lovejoy, another 4.1 million Africans were shipped across the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf and India. "This trade also, with the notable exception of some Portuguese involvement in the area of Mozambique, and of 18th and 19th century French exports to islands under their control in the Indian Ocean, was largely conducted by Arab Muslims," adds Duncan Clarke. Arabs are continuing to buy and sell Hebrews into slavery throughout the southern Sudan and other Arab countries.

2A. Joseph name was changed to Zaphnathpaaneah by Pharaoh.

2B. The changing of the Hebrew’s ("black’s") names was a common practice here in the America's. The changing of the Hebrews name was the norm. It was much more than just common. Read any slave narrative, and the slave will tell you how his slave master changed his name. I'm not sure what the name Pharaoh gave to Joseph meant. But I'm willing to reason that it was a name that was in accordance with the "gods" of Egypt. We know for sure that many of the names Africans received in the America's were according to the slave master's religion ("god") of Christianity. And many names were given to them according to the slave master's heritage.

3A. Joseph was thrown in jail because his slave master's wife wanted to sleep with him, but he refused. So she lied and said he tried to rape her. (Genesis 39: 7, 10 12, 19, 20)

3B. This sounds very familiar to anybody who is familiar with the Hebrews ("African American") history in the U.S.A. There were many Hebrew men during slavery who were "falsely" accused of raping or making sexual advances toward the Master's (white women) wife. Most who were accused were lynched (killed) and many were also sent to jail. Even after slavery many Hebrew men and Hebrew towns were destroyed because a "white woman" falsely accused them of raping her.

4A. The Children of Israel had a population growth in Egypt. The Egyptians were afraid of this growth because they feared that Israel would join one of their enemies and come against them. (Exodus 7:9-10, 12).

4B. The population of the descendants of slaves in western hemisphere countries in 1950 was 48,000,000. The biggest success story in sheer numbers among the Hebrew communities of the New World was in the U.S.A. When the "legal" slave trade with Africa ended in 1808 there were about 1,000,000 Hebrews in North America. When chattel slavery ended in 1865 there were about 4.5 million (a 3.5 million population increase). In 1950 there were 15 million and in 1990 there were at least 30-35 million Hebrews here. (A 24.5 - 29 million population increase in 125yrs).

This population growth was not the result to any significant degree of slave breeding by the masters. The majority of slaves brought to the west, were brought mainly to other western ("Latin" America) countries. North America didn't receive a majority of the slaves brought to this hemisphere. The Hebrews (so called African Americans) population is the result of natural growth. To be considered "African American" mean you are a descendant of the slaves that were brought to North America.

The American government has always been fearful of Africans joining unto one of it's enemies and coming against them. During the Revolution war, the government thought Africans or Negros would join forces with the British. They thought they would join forces with the Indians. They thought they would join forces with the Communist and so on and so on. This is why the government is fearful today of any kind of "pro-black" movement. They believe just as Pharaoh did that they will rise up (join one of their enemies) and come against them. The government has been fearful of this during slavery and even now.

5A. Egyptians put hard bondage on the Hebrews. They put taskmasters over them in the field, to increase their bondage (Exodus 1: 11,14).

5B. Slavery in the America's was known as the "peculiar institution". It is also said to be the worst form of slavery ever. Slavery in the west was very hard, the slaves worked all day and part of the night under some very extreme conditions. The Ancient Egyptians assigned Taskmasters over the Ancient Hebrews. In the America's the Taskmasters were called overseers. The job of both the Egyptian taskmasters and overseers were to keep the slaves "in line". Both were assigned over the Hebrews in the fields. Both made the jobs of the slaves harder. They were the "drivers". They pushed the slaves to the limited. The Plantation overseers in the America's were usually whites who threatened and tortured these people in order to get more work out of them. It was the taskmasters and overseers who were responsible for flogging / whipping the slaves. It was the job of the taskmasters / overseers to make sure the slaves finish all their work. The job of the ancient Egyptian taskmasters were the same as the Overseers in the America's. 

6A. The Hebrews spent over 400 years in Egypt, 430 to be exact. (Exodus 12:40)

6B. Negros have spent over 400 years in the America's. Slaves were first brought to this hemisphere in the 1500's, Slaves were in North America as early as 1521, which was over 400 years ago. Slaves were first brought to the ENGLISH colony of West Virgin in 1619. But other colonies such as the Spanish already had slaves there.

7A. According to many scholars and Egyptologist, the Hebrews were more than likely freed from bondage under the Reign of Pharaoh Rameses II (Son of Seti I).

7B. The Hebrews ("African Americans") were freed from chattel slavery under President Abraham Lincoln. Neither Lincoln or Rameses wanted to free the Hebrews. Pharaoh Rameses made this known in Exodus 14:5 - Which states:

"And it was told the king of Egypt that the people fled and the heart of Pharaoh and of his servants was turned against the people and they said, why have we done this, that we have let Israel go from serving us.

Lincoln made it known he didn't want to free the slaves by his statement: "If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it."

Both Lincoln and Rameses are known as the Greatest Leaders of their countries (United States and Ancient Egypt). Rameses is best known as Rameses the Great....Many historians call Lincoln the greatest U.S. President ever. Israel was freed from chattel slavery during the reign of Egypt’s greatest Pharaoh and they again were freed From Chattel slavery during the "Reign" of the U.S.A’s greatest President.

8A. Hebrews built treasure cities for Pharaoh such as Rameses and Pithoms. (Exodus 1:11)

8B. Hebrews built many of the cities in the U.S.A. But they also built their treasure city (capitol) of Washington D.C. In a recent Associate Press article this was revealed.

Here is a portion of that story:

WASHINGTON (AP) - “Some workers who helped build the White House and Capitol, two national landmarks of democracy and freedom, weren't free at all. They were slaves, and a local television station reported Thursday that it has obtained the pay slips to prove it. Historians have known for years that local property owners loaned slaves to help build the President's residence and the meeting house of Congress, but details of their work have laid in archives and libraries for generations.

On Thursday, WRC-TV, an NBC-owned station in Washington, reported that it had obtained actual pay statements found in Treasury Department papers at the National Archives. The station reported that the two building projects employed 650 people over eight years, including 400 slaves and more than 50 free blacks. The slaves earned $5 a month, which was given to slave owners, who hired them out, the station reported”.

We have tried to show the parallel between the Hebrews in Egypt and the Hebrews in the United States. There are many more parallel's. This one was done to show you that Israel was prophesied to come back into Egypt in ships. And when millions of men, women and children were stolen from the continent of Africa and brought into the west in ships, this was fulfillment of that prophecy. There are definite parallels between both captivities.

"Uncovering The Real Hebrew Israelite History"