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Fear of a Black Jesus

The Politics of Religion

Min. Paul Scott

Senator Barack Obama has been taking a lot of heat, lately for his ties the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Seems like some folks are a little miffed that Rev. Wright's church is a little too "afro-centric."

The nerve of that man!

Imagine that. A black pastor of a predominately black church preaching the Gospel from a black perspective. This man should be defrocked immediately!

But what is afro-centric theology and why does it attract so many black Americans and disturb so many white Americans? What is this fascination with or fear of a "black Jesus?"

The issue of the color of Yeshua (misnamed Jesus) has always been a controversial topic in this country, evoking strong passions both pro and con. With the demographic makeup of America becoming more culturally diverse, many people are questioning the Euro-centric religious icons that America has cherished since she was founded.

The Euro-centric icons are especially problematic for the millions of descendants of slaves, whose "owners" saw no contradiction between being "good" Christians on Sunday morning and gathering for a hanging on Sunday afternoon. The legacy of this contradiction is so strong that even today many in the white community refuse to even contemplate the idea that the "Jesus" whom they serve was the same color of the people that their forefathers put in chains.

This has produced what is referred to as the "Fear of a Black Jesus" syndrome.

The evidence of Yeshua (Jesus) being Black is overwhelming. Many in the Black community believe that the Messiah was black because of the area of the world in which he lived. The so-called Middle East is actually part of Africa divided from the rest of the continent by the man made Suez Canal. Many believe that the Hebrews living in this area two thousand years ago were people of color as it would have been virtually impossible for anyone to live in Northern Africa and have a pale complexion.

The image of Yeshua that is in many homes and churches is not historically correct but came out of the minds of European artists such as Michelangelo, who was commissioned in 1505 by Pope Julius II to paint certain biblical pictures. Many believe that these pictures were used to justify the African Holocaust (the Trans-Atlantic slave trade) and to create an inferiority complex in African people that would be passed down from generation to generation.

The effect of this image being so devastating that even after the physical chains of slavery were removed, the mental chains would still be in place, causing some black Americans, even in the 21st century to reverence the white man as God. African Americans have been taught since birth that nothing good could come out of Africa and that African people have not contributed anything to humanity, worthwhile. Therefore, it is impossible for some to conceptualize the Messiah being anything but white.

However, nowadays, many younger African Americans are challenging the traditional religion that was forced upon their ancestors. They are posing questions that can no longer be ignored.

How can the theology that was used to enslave and persecute you on Friday, be the same one to free and resurrect you on Sunday? Was it not the Euro-centric version of Christianity that endorsed the murder and enslavement of over 100 million African people? Was it not the Euro-centric version of Christianity that put its stamp of approval on the hanging of Black men from trees? How can this possibly be that same form of Christianity that will make African Americans free ?

Many have asked why we are preaching this Afro-Centric Theology and why now? I ask if not now when and if not me who? Someone has to pick up the torch that has been handed down by Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, Rev. Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vessy and Marcus Garvey. Somebody has to stand up and declare the right of African American religious expression.

Although, some refuse to admit this truth and others seek to hide it, as the old saying goes, "Truth crushed to the ground will rise again!"


Anonymous said...

Was Jesus Black?

Thanks...for bringing this subject up. As an African American and a Christian I am concerned about who Jesus is. The place where Jesus lived and where a lot of Biblical History played out (now called the Middle East)is in a region of the world that in pre Greco Roman times and even after that era was know as the Fertile Crescent or North East Africa. Most of the people who lived in that reigon of the world were also referred to as African or seen as people of African decent. If you look at the physical features of a lot of the people who live in that region of the world today they have many of the same physical features of people who are seen as traditional Africans. But was Jesus Black?... HE WAS NOT the blue eyed blond haired European looking person that we commonly see today.

Most of us have grown up looking at the image of Jesus and believing that the images we saw is what Jesus must have looked like. That is not the truth. The images we currently see of Jesus are images that were created during the European Renaissance between the 14th and 17th centuries. There were Images of Biblical characters (including Jesus) before that time and some (not all) of those images he is depicted as a dark skinned person. It basically depended on the person creating the image and how he/she wanted to depict Jesus. There are also the Black Madonnas http://campus.udayton.edu/mary/meditations/blackmdn.html that are located in many churches across Europe. In countries like England, Belgium, France, Germany just to name a few, they are still held in as sacred and are revered to this day. Before the European Renaissance a large number of the images that depicted Jesus and other Biblical Characters were depicted as dark skinned people.

During the European Renaissance the church became institutionalized and thus took on the perceptions of the people who institutionalized it ie Europeans. During this period many artists were commissioned to paint images of Mary and Jesus and other depictions of biblical characters. This was because in order to get many European monarchs to embrace Christianity the images that depicted Jesus and many of the Biblical characters HAD TO LOOK LIKE the people who would be looking at them. Artist like Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci created art that depicted religious figures. Then there were the Nicene councils that met in 325AD and 787AD that codified many of the things that we take for granted in the church today. So whatever images we see of Jesus today is a product of European influence.

There has always been the question of Blacks/Africans in the Bible and Christianity, the African Heritage Bible http://kenanderson.net/bible/html/african_heritage.html answers those questions and many others. We were a major part of Biblical History from the Garden of Eden (What land Mass is EAST of the Tigris/Euphrates Rivers) to Abraham to Solomon to Jesus to the Apostles. African Americans need to take a fresh new look at the Christian story and know that it is OUR Story because we played a significant roles in that story.

S. Murph

Colour Prejudice
The path of least resistance and least trouble is a mental rut already made. We think it requires troublesome work to undertake the dashing of old beliefs. Self-conceit often regards it as a sign of weakness to admit that a belief to which we have once committed ourselves is wrong.

We get so identified with an idea that it is literally a "pet" notion and we rise to its defense and stop our eyes and ears to anything different....... (for example) the historically incorrect white dieties like the white Jesus.

In our neighborhoods we don't see the true African image of Jesus hanging in our stain glass windows and home.....what a shame. It's not good enough to merely 'paint' Jesus face from white to Black, that's why history is best qualified to reward our research. We could be totally different Christians if we start reading OUR historical perspective. We wonder why our children are such liars, heck we start them out with lies from day one.

Whereas color prejudice did exist early in the Christian church; color connotation, equating black with sin and white with purity, existed previously. Yet, it was not until the 15th century, when the
Atlantic slave trade under the Portuguese, that racism began to emerge in its most deadly theological, philosophical, and scientific forms.

Not long after the first slaves were taken from Africa by Europeans, Pope Julius II in 1505 commissioned the painting of certain biblical works from artist Michelangelo and in doing so initiated the concept of God as being White. Included in the painting is the portrait of Mary, mother of Jesus, whose prominent Black features were distorted to resemble a Florentine Italian women. Likewise, in the Michelangelo paintings, the images of the Christ child, the three wise men, the Lord's supper and the Resurrection, were changed until no trace of their original Blackness remained. The artist frequently used his family members (aunt, uncle, nephew) for the Biblical subjects that were mistakenly taken for the true images even to this very day. In the Sistine Chapel in Rome, the artist's uncle portrays God....can you believe that? Remember that images shape our reality. Ask any Catholic clergyman about Pope Julius II and see how much they know.

Let history teach us that during the time of Michelangelo, the African slave trade was beginning to reach its pinnacle. In other words, the Europeans knew that they couldn't enslave us and maintain a Black Messiah at the same time. They had to bring a white image of Jesus on the scene to enslave us!!! Unfortunately, most of us have submitted to this image without any resistance...what a shame....

Many Black people believe that by acknowledging a true Black Jesus, they would abandon their Christian roots. Many Black folks have told me that, "It doesn't make a difference what color Jesus is!!" Then I usually say, "I thought that everything to God makes a difference...especially the truth." If it doesn't make a difference, then why don't white American churches ever portray a Black Jesus???

If Jesus was an African with African features as described in Revelations 1:14 and Daniel 7:9, what would that mean? It meant that Almighty God of the universe sent a son that was in His image. When you see a son, you see the father....and when you see the father, you see the son.....because the father is in the son and the son is in the father!!! Almighty God knew exactly what he wanted his son to look like. Remember in Matthew 2:15, when Almighty God said, "Out of Egypt shall I call my son!" The true name of Egypt in Biblical times was Kemet. The ancients spelled it, KMT. The word literally means "land of the black." Egypt is a Greek term derived from the term Aigyptos.....which means (guess what)....Black. When God called His son out of the "land of the Black", Egypt at that time in history was primarily Black in ethnicity.

We become fooled when we look at the modern Egyptians and think that they are the descendants of true ancient Egyptians.....this is dead wrong. Present day Egyptians are the descendants of the Arabs who invaded Egypt in 640 AD...that's 600 years after Jesus' death! The modern present-day Egyptian is an invader, and has absolutely nothing to do with the tremendous feats of knowledge and architecture that the ancient Egyptians mastered. That's why in 1979, right before his assassination, Anwar Sadat (Egyptian President) said, "I'm a Black man and I'm the first to pharaoh in 2,000 years." He realized that his colleagues were Arab, not a true indigenous African like him. This is why when Lou Gossett, Jr. portrayed Sadat in a movie, it was banned in Egypt.

Let's use our common sense, during that time it was simply impossible to hide a white boy in Egypt at that time for several years before he was called out! Even though it underwent a series of historical invasion, Egypt was a Black nation...

Let us stop worshiping the false image of God and Jesus. It's not good enough for me say that Jesus is Black, just because I'm Black.....no no no. It's not good enough for me to merely paint his face with a Black magic marker. Today we have literature, evidence, and a Mighty God that backs our claim! History best qualifies our research.

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed from the lack knowledge.

There is sooooo much evidence available on these findings. The battle today is for the African heart and mind. Seek and ye shall find.

Excerpt of an article portal homepage of TAH SERVE - Tanzania's Leading Search Engine & Directory portal: http://www.tanserve.com/Documentary/index_files/global.htm


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