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These Christians are but a few of the 100,000,000 Christian innocents who were exterminated by Anti-Christian Jewish Red Commissars in Russia under the orders of Trotsky, the Jewish Commissar of Commissars. Yet Spielberg will never Direct a "Schindler's List" Movie for them or their genocide. Why is that? Because Jews did it.

Many Christians were murdered in the USSR under Jewish Marxism between 1917-1945, and many of the Marxists came to Russia from New York to do this to Christians in 1917 after Jacob Schiff, the Jewish anti-Christian Banker who owned The Guaranty National Trust, the largest bank in the United States, financed Lenin and Trotsky $35 million for the Red Revolution and the mass killing of these Christian souls. May we not forget.

First Russian Marxists Were Jewish

Nicholas Utin, a Jew, the First Russian Marxist, 1860's to 1870's.
Instrumental in Creating a Russian Section in the First Communist International.

'In the 1860s and '70s, Jewish activists occupied some of the highest positions in the fledgling Russian revolutionary movement.

The "pioneer of Russian-Jewish revolutionary action" was Nicholas Utin, a baptized Jew who was instrumental in creating a Russian Section in the First International.

Known as the first Russian Marxist, Utin was prominent in the struggle of the International's Marxian wing against the anarchistic tactics of Bakunin. '

-- Philip Mendes, THE NEW LEFT, THE JEWS AND THE VIETNAM WAR, 1965-1972, Lazare Press, North Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, p 10 from material printed originally in Parkin, A.L. The Origins of the Russian-Jewish Labour Movement. F.W.Cheshire Pty Ltd. Melbourne. 1947. p80.

Jewish Russian Social-Democrats 1883
Jewess Assassin of Tsar Alexander

Jewish Founders of the Russian Social-Democratic Movement in 1883
Hesya Helfmann, Jewish Assassin of Tzar Alexander

"Utin was followed by a great number of Jews including Mark Natanson, the founder of the Russian Narodnik movement, Paul Axeirod who together with George Plckahnov and Vera Zasulitch formed the "Triumvirate" of the founders of the Russian Social-Democratic movement in 1883, Rosalie Bograd who married Plekhanov, Meir Molodetsky, Gregory Goldenberg, Mw Deutch, Vladimir Jochelson, Aaron Sundelievitch, and Hesya Helfmann, who was among those sentenced to death for the assassination of Czar Alexander."

-- Philip Mendes, THE NEW LEFT, THE JEWS AND THE VIETNAM WAR, 1965-1972, Lazare Press, North Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, p 10 from information found in: Parkin, A.L. The Origins of the Russian-Jewish Labour Movement. F.W.Cheshire Pty Ltd. Melbourne. 1947. pp8O-84; Feuer, Op Cit, pp157-158; Ascher, Abraham. "Pavel Axelrod: A Conflict Between Jewish Loyalty and Revolutionary Dedication" in Russian Review 24 1965, pp249-265; Schapiro, Leonard. "The Role of the Jews in the Russian Revolutionary Movement" in Slavonic and East European Review 490 (Dec 1961), pp 148-167.


Jewish Socialist Youth

Jewish Socialism in 1980-1890.
Revolutionary Emotion and Socialist Protests Among Jewish Student Youth.

'In the following two decades - in the '80s and '90s - the "explosion of revolutionary emotion among Jewish student youth" crystallized into a movement of Jewish socialism, the first of its kind in Jewish history.'

Patkin traces the origins of "Jewish Socialism" to the "two explosive elements - mass misery and intellectual doctrine" which had existed in Jewish life for many previous generations.

These explosive elements had often produced mass revolts against the rich and the powerful in communal affairs, one example being the emergence of the Chassidic movement, Jewish socialism reflected the extension of Chassidism as a doctrine "for the poor" into a "revolutionary situation of social protest and resentment."'

-- Philip Mendes, THE NEW LEFT, THE JEWS AND THE VIETNAM WAR, 1965-1972, Lazare Press, North Caulfield, Victoria, Australia, p 10, from material gathered in Parkin, A.L. The Origins of the Russian-Jewish Labour Movement. F.W.Cheshire Pty Ltd. Melbourne. 1947. p80.





Found on this site on July 12, 1998

The Soviet system of forced labor camps was first established in 1919 under the Cheka, but it was not until the early 1930s that the camp population reached significant numbers.

By 1934 the GULAG, or Main Directorate for Corrective Labor Camps, then under the Cheka's successor organization the NKVD, had several million inmates.

Prisoners included murderers, thieves, and other common criminals-along with political and religious dissenters.

The GULAG, whose camps were located mainly in remote regions of Siberia and the Far North, made significant contributions to the Soviet economy in the period of Joseph Stalin. GULAG prisoners constructed the White Sea-Baltic Canal, the Moscow-Volga Canal, the Baikal-Amur main railroad line, numerous hydroelectric stations, and strategic roads and industrial enterprises in remote regions. GULAG manpower was also used for much of the country's lumbering and for the mining of coal, copper, and gold.

Stalin constantly increased the number of projects assigned to the NKVD, which led to an increasing reliance on its labor. The GULAG also served as a source of workers for economic projects independent of the NKVD, which contracted its prisoners out to various economic enterprises.

Conditions in the camps were extremely harsh. Prisoners received inadequate food rations and insufficient clothing, which made it difficult to endure the severe weather and the long working hours; sometimes the inmates were physically abused by camp guards. As a result, the death rate from exhaustion and disease in the camps was high.

After Stalin died in 1953, the GULAG population was reduced significantly, and conditions for inmates somewhat improved. Forced labor camps continued to exist, although on a small scale, into the Gorbachev period, and the government even opened some camps to scrutiny by journalists and human rights activists.

With the advance of democratization, political prisoners and prisoners of conscience all but disappeared from the camps.

[NOTE: The communists had their concentration camps in service since 1919 all the way up to and including the Gorbachev period.]




Found on this site on July 12, 1998

To the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolshevik)

We appeal to you, asking you to pay a minimum of attention to our request. We are prisoners who are returning from the Solovetsky concentration camp because of our poor health.

We went there full of energy and good health, and now we are returning as invalids, broken and crippled emotionally and physically.

We are asking you to draw your attention to the arbitrary use of power and the violence that reign at the Solovetsky concentration camp in Kemi and in all sections of the concentration camp.

It is difficult for a human being even to imagine such terror, tyranny, violence, and lawlessness. When we went there, we could not conceive of such a horror, and now we, crippled ourselves, together with several thousands who are still there, appeal to the ruling center of the Soviet state to curb the terror that reigns there.

As though it weren't enough that the Unified State Political Directorate [OGPU] without oversight and due process sends workers and peasants there who are by and large innocent (we are not talking about criminals who deserve to be punished), the former tsarist penal servitude system in comparison to Solovky had 99% more humanity, fairness, and legality.

[...] People die like flies, i.e., they die a slow and painful death; we repeat that all this torment and suffering is placed only on the shoulders of the proletariat without money, i.e., on workers who, we repeat, were unfortunate to find themselves in the period of hunger and destruction accompanying the events of the October Revolution, and who committed crimes only to save themselves and their families from death by starvation. They have already borne the punishment for these crimes, and the vast majority of them subsequently chose the path of honest labor. Now because of their past, for whose crime they have already paid, they are fired from their jobs.

Yet, the main thing is that the entire weight of this scandalous abuse of power, brute violence, and lawlessness that reign at Solovky and other sections of the OGPU concentration camp is placed on the shoulders of workers and peasants; others, such as counterrevolutionaries, profiteers and so on, have full wallets and have set themselves up and live in clover in the Soviet State, while next to them, in the literal meaning of the word, the penniless proletariat dies from hunger, cold, and back-breaking 14-16 hour days under the tyranny and lawlessness of inmates who are the agents and collaborators of the [Jewish] State Political Directorate [GPU].

If you complain or write anything ("Heaven forbid"), they  will frame you for an attempted escape or for something else, and they will shoot you like a dog. They [Jews] line us up naked and barefoot at 22 degrees below zero and keep us outside for up to an hour. It is difficult to describe all the chaos and terror that is going on in Kemi, Solovky, and the other sections of the concentrations camp. All annual inspections uncover a lot of abuses. But what they discover in comparison to what actually exists is only a part of the horror and abuse of power, which the inspection accidentally uncovers.

One example is the following fact, one of a thousand, which is registered in GPU and for which the guilty have been punished:


"Comrades," if we dare to use this phrase, verify that this is a fact from reality, about which, we repeat, OGPU has the official evidence, and judge for yourself the full extent of effrontery and humiliation in the supervision by those who want to make a career for themselves. [...]

We are sure and we hope that in the All-Union Communist Party there are people, as we have been told, who are humane and sympathetic; it is possible, that you might think that it is our imagination, but we swear to you all, by everything that is sacred to us, that this is only one small part of the nightmarish truth, because it makes no sense to make this up. We repeat, and will repeat 100 times, that yes, indeed there are some guilty people, but the majority suffer innocently, as is described above.

The word law, according to the law of the GPU concentration camps, does not exist; what does exist is only the autocratic power of petty tyrants, i.e., collaborators, serving time, who have power over life and death.

Everything described above is the truth and we, ourselves, who are close to the grave after 3 years in Solovky and Kemi [Jewish run Gulags] and other sections, are asking you to improve the pathetic, tortured existence of those who are there who languish under the yoke of the OGPU's tyranny, violence, and complete lawlessness....

To this we subscribe: G. Zheleznov, Vinogradov, F. Belinskii.

Dec. 14, 1926

True copy


Christians Arrested by Jewish Bolsheviks Are Still Prisoners of Injustice
The Sunday Times of London, June 28 1998

by Mark Franchetti Vorkuta

Original Source for This Story Was Found on the Internet, July 2, 1998, at  http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/98/06/28/stifgnrus02001.html?1500530 and is archived under the "fair use" provision of U.S.C. Title 17 Section 107 for scholarly, educational, and personal use by those previously requesting such.

Stalin's Forgotten Prisoners...

THROUGHOUT his tortuous 10 years of hard labour in Stalin's gulag, Pavel Negretov dreamt of the new life that would begin on the day he finished his sentence for anti-communist activities.

Still a young man, he imagined himself starting afresh in Moscow, far from the horrors he had endured.

That new life never came.

More than half a century later, Negretov remains stranded in Vorkuta, in the Arctic Circle, where he was sent to work in barbaric conditions in the coalmines of Russia's far north. Now 75, he has yet to be granted the residence permit he needs to move with his wife to the Russian capital.

Negretov is not alone.

Hundreds of former opponents of Stalin's dictatorship, including 250 in Vorkuta, have been left to their hard lives in remote regions to which they were exiled in the 1930s and 1940s. Most have struggled ever since to return to their home towns and villages. Thousands have died of old age without being allowed to resettle.

"There are queues of former political prisoners waiting to leave Vorkuta," said Yevgenia Khaidarova, of the local branch of Memorial, a human rights organisation that helps victims of Soviet repression. "The scene is the same all over Russia. These people are caught in limbo, living in a terrible vicious circle - they can't resettle without a propiska [residence permit], which they could get only if they had a flat in the city they wanted to go back to." Those dispatched to the gulag had their flats confiscated by the authorities. With their homes, they lost their right to live in the places where they had grown up with their families. If they were affluent, they could buy a privatized flat.

Deprived long ago of any opportunity to establish themselves, however, they are poor.

If they moved without an official permit, they would have no legal right to work or to receive vital benefits, including healthcare.

Like the overwhelming majority of Russians, they depend on the state to provide them with homes. So they wait in the frozen Arctic, hoping forlornly that one day the state will find them a flat somewhere - anywhere - other than Vorkuta.

Isolated from the outside world by inhospitable tundra, 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle and more than 1,000 miles from Moscow, Vorkuta is a place where winter lasts for 10 months and the temperature falls regularly to -40C. It is completely dark for weeks on end. Like the other labour camps scattered across the northern wastes and christened the gulag archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a camp survivor himself, Vorkuta was uninhabited until geologists found huge coal reserves beneath its frozen earth. Slave labour was the only way to develop the mineral wealth.

The first prisoners were sent to Vorkuta in 1931 on a journey that took six months and claimed thousands of lives. They were crammed first into cattle trains, then onto barges along several rivers and completed the last 50 miles on foot. Between 1934 and 1954, 2 million were sent away to toil in Vorkuta's 80 mines - petty criminals, political opponents of Stalin and the hapless, innocent victims of senseless purges, "guilty" of anything from simply being related to a foreigner to having turned up late for work.

"My first year and a half was the hardest," recalled Negretov, who arrived in Vorkuta at the height of winter after being arrested in Ukraine in 1946 for collaborating with an anti-communist group. "I thought I had landed in hell. "There were three shifts of eight hours. We were escorted at gunpoint in the snow from our barracks to the mines. It was always pitch-dark, with freezing temperatures, but the wind was the most terrible thing. I used to wonder why my parents had brought me into this world. I was skin and bones, and covered in ulcers."

The inmates slept in pairs to keep warm, using one jacket as a mattress on the floor and the other as a blanket.

"We kept our boots under our heads to stop other prisoners from stealing them, and pulled our trousers down over our feet to prevent frostbite," Negretov said. "Every morning an angry corporal would wake us up, shouting. That was the worst time - waking up to another day, exhausted."

Every day in Vorkuta, prisoners starved, froze to death, were executed by guards or were killed digging in the mines. Memorial, which was headed by Andrei Sakharov, the dissident nuclear physicist, until his death in 1989, has obtained access to archives in an attempt to calculate the toll. The initial estimate is half a million dead. Today, the graves are marked by numbered, nameless wooden crosses in seven cemeteries that surround a city of 180,000 people built on bones.

"I have been here 52 years, and I have dreamt all my life of living in a city like Moscow or St Petersburg," said Negretov. "Our state has no conscience. It has forgotten about us and the Russian people as a whole. We have no democracy, only greed for more power. And who is Boris Yeltsin? A former Communist party boss. Power has not changed hands."

Since the advent of glasnost, the Russian government has rehabilitated most former zeks - as gulag inmates were known - formally recognizing them as innocent victims of repression and providing them with minimal compensation and the right to a proper pension. But it has done little to help them resettle.

Negretov fought until 1995 to be rehabilitated. He was awarded 700 compensation for the 10 years he sacrificed in the mines. All he really wants, however, is to move to any large Russian city. He was finally offered resettlement last month, but to the acrid smokestacks of Dzerzhinsk, the dangerously polluted centre of Russia's chemical industry.

Memorial has written several times to Yeltsin and the Russian parliament, urging them to help the last gulag survivors go home. But the Kremlin has other, more pressing matters to attend to.

Along with Vorkuta's ageing former prisoners, hundreds of unemployed young miners have joined the clamour to leave in search of a brighter future. They constitute a more menacing force for change. Since taking up the cause of the former inmates with the aid of the Solzhenitsyn Foundation, which is run by the writer's wife, Natalia, Memorial has managed to help several gulag victims resettle far from Vorkuta, but seldom to the cities of their choice. Some who were moved to rural backwaters without heating or hot water were so disappointed that they returned to Vorkuta.

Gulag survivors have received little support from ordinary Russians in their quest to return home. When Stalin's death in 1953 led to the release of millions of prisoners, even their families often refused to take them in, for fear of persecution by the KGB.

"The first thing I did when I was let out was to get on a train back to Moscow," said Lyubov Kalashnikova, who spent a decade in Vorkuta's camps. "I still had a brother and sister living there. "They hadn't seen me for 10 years but nobody dared welcome me home. They were too scared. Everyone was terrified of being associated with me." She was eventually forced to go back to Vorkuta. Decorated for bravery as a volunteer in the Soviet army during the second world war, Kalashnikova, now 78, was accused of treason in 1941 because she had survived a German ambush. Her superiors said she should have turned the gun on herself rather than risk capture. When she became a "free" woman, she made an annual, 46-hour journey by train to Moscow for 15 years in a vain attempt to plead for a residence permit. "I have tried to return to Moscow all my life," she said.

Kalashnikova, who can barely walk and lives with her disabled daughter in a tiny flat in Vorkuta, has never been given any hope of success. Instead, every year, she receives the letter Yeltsin sends to all veterans, congratulating them on the anniversary of the end of the war.

"I don't want to die here," said Kalashnikova, whose baby son died from diptheria in the camps at the age of two. "I hate this town. It is a symbol of death. I buried my life here, my destiny, my happiness. "My only wish is to return to Moscow, to die in my homeland. I have not lived here. I have simply existed. That has been the most painful thing - just seeing my life pass away, crossed off, erased without trace. Russia has forgotten about us."




More Proven Connections
Between Jews and Communism
in Russia and the USA

Including the Banking Connections
Between New York Jews Financing the Red Revolution

" The Jewish Communal Register" of 1917 - 1918, published by the Kehillah (Jewish communal government) states that Russian immigrant Jews brought "socialism'' (meaning "Communism") to America. It is important to note that the most violent organization involved in the overthrow of the Czar of Russia was The Jewish Bund, headed by Abramovitch and Lieber. The three other revolutionary parties included the all-Jewish Mensheviks (headed by Martov and Dan), the Social Democrats, a front for Gentiles but headed by the Jew Danishevsky and The Bolsheviks headed by Lenin who has only recently been revealed to be of Jewish descent. Note that the Bund sent money back to their comrades in Russia. More important is the remark that the failed revolution of 1905 in Russia caused "a great influx" of Jews to immigrate to the U.S. The truth is that over one million Marxist Jews flooded into the U.S.

Jews Assassinate Tzar

"The Pale of Settlement" as the vast area of Russia in which over ten million Jews were required to live. This order was issued by the Czar in 1772 because of the Jews' sharp business practices which had brought much misery upon the Christian population. The "Pale" included all of the Ukraine, western Russia, all of Poland and Lithuania. Thus the Jews were banned from St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kharkov. Even though the Jews flourished, they were not satisfied and wanted to be able to dominate all of Russia. Thus they formed the "Social Revolutionary Party" to overthrow the Czar.

On March 13, 1881 the Jew Grinevetsky threw the bomb which killed Czar Alexander II. In 1901 they assassinated Bogolepov, the Czar's Minister of Education. They murdered Sipyagin, Minister of Interior in 1902, Bogdanovich, Governor of Ufa in 1903, Premier von Plehve in 1904, Grand Duke Sergei the Czar's uncle in 1905, Gen. Dubrassov in 1906 (his soldiers put down the Jewish revolution of 1905.). Peter Stolypin, the Prime Minister, offered vast new tracts of land to the peasants which threatened the Communist Jews of their base of support among poor Gentiles. Thus the Jew terrorist, Mordecai Bogrov, assassinated Stolypin in September 1911. He shot him in the back of the head during a gala in Kiev attended by the Czar and his Court. The Jew tailor Yevno Azev was convicted of heading the assassination squads and executed in 1911. He was also a founder of the Social Revolutionary Party.

Jews Exploit Christians

The new Tzar, Alexander III, was so infuriated with the Jews that he issued the following statement which is quoted from the Encyclopedia Britannica, page 76, Vol. 2, 1947 edition:


"For some time the government has given its attention to the Jews and to the* relations the rest of the inhabitants of the empire, with a view of ascertaining the sad condition of the Christian inhabitants brought about by the conduct of the Jews in business matters. During the last 20 years, the Jews have gradually possessed themselves of not only every trade and business in all its branches, but also of a great part of the land by buying or farming it. With few exceptions, they have as a body devoted their attention, not to enriching or benefiting the country, but to defrauding, by their wiles, its inhabitants, and particularly its poor inhabitants ! This conduct of theirs has called forth protests on the part of the people, as manifested in acts of violence. The government, while on the one hand doing its best to put down the disturbances and to deliver the Jews from oppression and slaughter, has also on the other hand, thought it a matter of urgency and justice to adopt stringent measures in order to put an end to the oppression practiced by the Jews on the inhabitants, and to free the country from their malpractices, which were. as is known, the cause of the agitation."

(Note: Thus the so-called " pogroms" by Christians against the Jews were brought on by the Jews themselves!)

Jewish Bankers Finance Revolution In Russia

American Jacob Schiff was the wealthiest Jewish banker in the world as head of the international bank of "Kuhn, Loeb & Co." Note here that Schiff "floated the large Japanese War Loans of 1904-1905 which made their victory over Russia possible". At the end of the article we read that Schiff "used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money markets of the U.S." Also note that Schiff controlled all of the railroads in the U.S. and "suppressed ruinous competition." [Note: This would be like allowing one person to own all of the Air Lines today and "suppressing all competition." He also controlled the Central Trust Bank and Western Union.). Thus, with all this money power, Schiff was able to prevent the Czar from obtaining loans to raise armies for a defense against the Japanese. Schiff formed called "The Friends of Russian Freedom." Its purpose was to agitate for the overthrow of the Christian Czar. This group, with the help of the Japanese, ran an anti-Czar indoctrination campaign among the 50,000 Russian soldiers taken as POWs during the war. They returned home ready to support the Jewish revolution.

The first "Soviet" seized control of the city of St. Petersburg on March 14, 1917, while the nation was in turmoil over their defeats by the Germans during World War One. "The New York Times" of March 24, 1917, reports that Jacob Schiff sent the following telegram to members of his "Friends of Russian Freedom": "Will you say for me to those present at tonight's meeting how deeply I regret my inability to celebrate with the Friends of Russian Freedom the actual reward of what we had hoped and striven for these long years." (Schiff was obviously referring to the spreading Communist revolution in Russia.)

Quote from "Jewish Communal Register", 1918:

Title: Schiff Finances Enemies Of Czar

Kehillah (Jewish Community) of New York City 356 SECOND AVENUE New York City

"Schiff, Jacob Henry, was born In 1847, at Frankfort on-the- Maine, Germany. He received his education in the schools of Frankfort. In 1866 he came to America, where he settled in New York City. Here, he joined the staff of a banking house. In 11173, he returned to Europe where he made connections with some of the chief German banking horses. Upon returning to the United States, he entered the banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, New York of which he later became the head. His firm became the financial reconstructors of the Union Pacific Railroad, and since then is strongly interested in American railroad"

Mr. Schiff's principle of "community of interests among the chief railway combinations led to the formation of the Northern Securities Company, thus suppressing ruinous competition. The firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.. floated the large Japanese War Loans of 1904-5, thus making possible the Japanese victory over Russia Mr. Schiff is director of numerous financial companies, among them the Central Trust company. Western Union Telegraph Company, the Wells Fargo Express Company. He has been severer time vice-president of the New York Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Schiff has always used his wealth and his influence in the best interests of his people. He financed the enemies of autocratic Russia and used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money market of the United States.

When last year, Mr. Schiff celebrated his seventieth birthday, all the factions of Jewry in the United States and elsewhere united in paying tribute to him.

[end quote]

Trotsky and Schiff

Leon Trotsky (real name: Bronstein) was exiled from Russia and came to New York City on January 13, 1917. The Russian Jews who owned Vitagraph Movie Studies in Brooklyn gave Trotsky a job. He appeared in three films including "My Official Wife" starring Clara Kimball Young. Ironically, Trotsky played the part of a Russian revolutionary.

While in New York, Trotsky met with Schiff who saw in him the perfect revolutionary. Schiff had his "Friends of Russian freedom" locate 267 other Yiddish speaking Russian Jew exiles. He arranged for President Woodrow Wilson to give them U.S. passports so they could not be refused entry into Russia. Also, Schiff gave Trotsky $10 million (that is in 1917 dollars, which today would be worth hundreds of millions). Later Schiff would transfer another $15 million to Lenin.

[quote from "The Jewish Communist Register" of New York's Kehillah
(community government), 1918. Edition.]

"THE JEWISH SOCIALIST FEDERATION OF AMERICA" By Frank F. Rosenblatt, Chief of staff, Bureau of Philanthropic Research.

"The birth of the Jewish Socialist Federation in 1912 must be recognized as the moat important landmark in the history of the Jewish Socialist movement in this country. The Federation was the outgrowth of a previous organization, the Jewish Socialist Agitation Bureau. which for a period of seven years led a precarious and inconsequential existence. The Agitation Bureau was organized at a time when the idea of Jewish nationalism began to spread its roots in the minds of the Jewish workmen. It is to the glory of the Jewish Socialist Bund in Russia that the question of nationalism, which in the minds of the Socialists of the older generation was synonymous with oppression and subjection, was forced into the foreground. The idea became ever more popular that nationalism and internationalism are by no means mutually exclusive teens, and that genuine internationalism is possible only when all nations are guaranteed full and equal rights."

Jewish Bund Organizes In U.S.

The heroic fight of the Bund against the old Russian autocracy caused thousands of its members and followers many of them exiles to Siberia or under rigid surveillance by the gendarmes, to flee to this country! But they would not resign themselves to inactivity, and as a result a net of Bund branches was spread throughout the United States and Canada. For a number of years these branches, whose primary object was to collect funds for the Bund in Russia, were the most active and influential bodies in the Jewish radical world. Their members formed the vanguard of the Workmen's Circle (Arbeiter Ring).

This anomaly became particularly striking after the great influx of political refugees which the abortive Russian revolution of 1905 had swept to these shores.

Zionist-Socialism however, was enriched by an extraordinary new force: B. Boruchev, he introduced a theory which was necessarily very popular among the Jewish masses, who were at that time Socialistic through and through. He contended that only though a land of their own in Zion could the Jewish people have a proletariat, and that Zionism ought therefore to join forces with Socialism. Zionism thus received a Marxist basis, and appealed strongly to the masses.

Boruchov, with the assistance of other intellectual comrades -- a number of them students took charge of number of periodicals in Russian and Yiddish, which the Russian Government suppressed one after the other. (In Russian: "The Jewish Workmen's Chronicle" and "The Hammer"; In Yiddish: "The Proletarian Idea," the "Forward," and an edition of books called the "Hammer.")

(Jewish Communal Register" 1918 continued)

Beginning of "International Communism"

At the name time that the party was organized in Russia, sister societies were organized in America, in Austria, in England, and, finally, in Palestine.

The Poale-Zion were, , however, recognized as a part of the Socialist party in Turkey, which gave the party the possibility of introducing the international Socialist movement in favor of Zionism and the Jewish national aims.

The most important achievement of Poale-Zion in Palestine was the organization of Ha-Shomer (The Watchman), an organization of heroic young guards who protect the property of the colonies with their lives against thieving Arabs.

In 1907, during the Zionist congress at The Hague. delegates of the Poale-Zion parties of various countries assembled at a conference and organized the Poale-Zion Weltverband ("World Organization") which watches over the international interests of the Poale-Zion in the Zionist and the Socialist worlds. Fund, which is collected from Jews all over the world, is administered by the "World Organization."

Through its propaganda in the Socialist International and the English Labor Party the organization" has succeeded in securing a favorable attitude towards Zionist alma on the part of Socialists and labor leaders As a result, a Jewish home in Palestine is one of the points in the peace program of the "International" and of the English Labor Party.

The Poale-Zion In America

In the far-reaching work of the international Poale-Zion movement, the "Jewish Socialist Labor Party Poale Zion" of America plays the most important role after the Palestine party. The Russian reaction of 1906-1917 caused the real centre of the movement to shift to America.

"World Organization" presented a Memorandum ("The Red Book") to the Socialist International.

[end quote]

Zionism is Marxism

Russia's Jewish population supported one of the four Marxist Parties. However, many supported Theodore Herzl and his new Zionist movement. Herzl's plan was to found an all-Jewish Marxist state in some foreign underpopulated land. Herzl considered Kenya and Madagascar in Africa, Palestine and Sinai just below the present Israel.

Note that the Jewish Communal Register clearly states that Zionism is a Marxist movement. When they took over the city of Haifa in Palestine it became known as "Red Haifa". Every May Day the Jews would march through the streets with their clenched fists held high and the Red flag flying. The Soviets were the first to smuggle weapons to the Zionists so that they could wage an underground war against the British and later against the Arabs.

Jewish Bankers Unite Behind Communism

The U.S. Foreign Relations Committee of 1918 released a report on the international Jewish banks which were financing Communism. In each case they were banks owned by Jews. The Jew Olof Aschberg of Sweden's "Nya Banken" is referred to as "The Bolshevik Bank". Note that this bank "is financed in America by the Guarantee Trust Co." This bank was controlled by Jacob Schiff.

Jewish Communism in U.S.

As the Russian Jewish refugee population grew in the U.S. so did their radical Marxist groups. Note the "Communal Register" again. IT lists the four main Jewish "radical organizations". Their unity meeting took place in 1915 just two years before the Communist Revolution in Russia. We read: "The revolution in Russia, having at a single stroke, emancipated the Jews of that country."

U.S. Communist Party founded By Russian Jews

[quote from "Jewish Communal Register," 1918]:

The Four Groups Which Founded The U.S. Communist Party

The National Workmen's Committee was organized in the early part of 1915, by representatives of the four leading radical organizations, viz.: The Workmen's Circle, the United Hebrew Trades, the Jewish Socialist Federation of America, and the Forward Association.

The revolution in Russia having at a single stroke emancipated the Jews of that country, the Committee, _ . _ .though continuing its study of the Russian situation, has largely concentrated its attention upon the Romanian Jewish problem and is now engaged, in cooperation with various European organizations, in dealing with it.

[end quote]

"The Roots of American Communism" by Theodore Draper, can be ordered from your local bookstore for $11.95. This is a detailed account of the founding of the U.S. Communist Party. Excerpt from the book:


"Most of the others in the up-and-coming New York Group were more or less of similar background. They included Dr. Maximilian Cohen, a dentist; Joseph Brodsky, a lawyer, and his brother Carl; Rose Wortis, a dressmaker; and Harry M. Winitsky. They had a number of things strikingly in common; almost all were in their twenties, some in their very early twenties; they were mostly Jewish; they came over from Russia as children or were first-generation Americans of Russian Jewish parents; they became active in the Socialist movement in their late teens and were generally about twenty or a little older at the time of the Russian Revolution."

[end quote]

The overwhelming majority of its leaders were Russian Jews. They were under the direction of the Soviets who also financed them. The chief Jewish leaders were Bertram Wolfe, who operated under the Christian name Albright. He served on the Communist Part USA National Council. The German born Jew, Max Bedacht, represented the Communist Part USA at Comintern meetings in Moscow under the Gentile name James A. Marshall. Israel Amter, a well known pianist, ran the 'Workers Party"-a Communist Part USA front group.

Amter went under the name J. Ford. In 1917 Benjamin Gitlow, of Russian Jewish parents, was one of the first Communists elected to office (as state Assemblyman from the Bronx). As late as 1945 the Communist Party had two members on the New York City Council. Both were elected from Jewish areas of the city. Two Jews born in Russia were William Weinstone, (of the Communist Part USA Central Executive Committee) and Jay Lovestone, (editor of "The Communist" magazine).

Mike Gold was editor of "New Masses." Alexander Bittelman served on the Central Executive Committee of Communist Part USA and as editor of the Yiddish Communist Part USA daily newspaper, "Freiheit". Alexander Trachtenberg fought in the failed 1905 revolution against the Czar. He fled to the U.S. and headed the front group, "Friends of the Russian Revolution. Louis Fraina, a Jew born in Italy, was the chief organizer of the original U.S. Communist Party. He operated under the name Ralph Snyder.

Majority of Communist Party Members Were Jews

Draper writes that the first daily newspaper of the Communist Party was the Yiddish "Freiheit" launched on April 22, 1922. It would be two more years before they would start a paper for Gentiles. The famous ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers, (who exposed Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy), was an early editor of The Daily Worker. He wrote that the party held separate meetings for "English speakers" and for Yiddish speakers (Jews). Chambers said that the Yiddish meetings were always the largest ! They were called "foreign language groups."

Whitaker Chambers former editor of 'The Daily Worker " said that two Jewish college professors recruited him into the Communist Party. Chambers also said that Jews made up the largest bloc in the party.

Draper writes that fewer than 25% of the members were born in the U.S. and only about 10% spoke English only. This proves that its foreign makeup had to be mainly Jewish. One reason being that all Gentile East European immigrants were strongly anti-Communists.

The Communist Party membership built up to over 100,000 by 1939 and from 50% to 75% were Jews. A/so, 25,000 members lived in New York City and this group was almost entirely Jewish. (Hundreds of thousands of other Marxist Jews supported the party and were known as "Fellow Travelers. " The party controlled several labor unions including the "Ladies Garment Workers Union" which was made up of some 6,000 Jewish women. They were all Communist Party supporters.

The power of the Communist Party was demonstrated at the Sept. 1921 convention of the Socialist Party. Draper writes: "The final blow to the Socialist Party was the defection of the Jewish federation at a convention in Sept. 1921. The entire group defected to the Communist Party. The Socialist Party membership fell to its lowest point 11,019."

Jewish Communists Today

The Jewish leaders of the Communist Part USA were always very careful to choose Gentiles as the "pubic heads" of the party. The first was William Z. Foster, then Earl Browder, Eugene Dennis and today, Gus Hall. Reading the "Communist Weekly Word" easily reveals their support of the Democratic Party and Clinton. Communists say that they have "found a new home" in the Democratic Party. In fact, Clinton has appointed three people to senior positions who have been connected with the Communist apparatus Arnold Leese. a great British expert on the Jewish problem wrote in 1938: "When the Jews leave Russia Communism will collapse." World Jewry is today relocating in America. Thus the real threat of Communism in our country has just begun.

Communism is not dead by any means and in fact is far more of a threat today than ever before. The Communist Part USA infiltration of the Democratic Party has been a meticulous operation. Herein lies the present danger of a Communist takeover of America under the name of their newest communist front which is the modern National Democratic Party.

Debate on Jews in Red Revolution
Usenet, June 19, 1998
Doc Tavish debates Jeffrey G. Brown with Supporting Internet Links

Doc Tavish Says:



Subject: The Russian Revolution: Still inspiring after 80 years (Reprinted from the November 8, 1997 issue of the People's Weekly World. May be reprinted or reposted with PWW credit. For subscription information see below)

"The Bolshevik Party (later the Communist Party) was the party of the industrial workers in Russia.... After the revolution, all legal restrictions were abolished, and the first Soviet President was a Jew, Yakov Sverdlov."

Tired of the same old system:

Join the Communist Party, USA Info: CPUSA@rednet.org; or (212) 989-4994;

or http://www.hartford-hwp.com/cp-usa


[Communist Party organ declares first President of Soviet Union was a Jew! The first Chairman appointed to the Soviet State was a Jew, a Jew with an alias of Trotsky. Tavish]


Originally named Lev Davidovich Bronstein, Trotsky was born on November 7, 1879, in Kherson Province in Ukraine, the son of Russified Jews....

The March Revolution of 1917 caught him by surprise in New York City, where he wrote for a Russian newspaper. Trotsky reached Russia in May, quickly assumed leadership of the independent left Social-Democratic Interdistrict Group, and joined the Petrograd (as St. Petersburg was renamed) Soviet. Within weeks, he had gained enormous popularity as the most eloquent agitator of the Soviet left. In July, after being courted by Lenin, he joined the Bolshevik party and was elected to its Central Committee.

As a Bolshevik, Trotsky was elected chairman of the Soviet in September. He sided with Lenin on the need to overthrow the provisional government and devoted all his energies to marshaling support for the armed uprising of the Bolsheviks. With Lenin in hiding, Trotsky was the general in charge, and he successfully directed the masses of workers and soldiers in the November revolution......

[How many of you think that Jew Trotsky's revolution was bloodless and was a debate of ideas? Notice the first Chairman of the Soviet was a Jew named Trotsky. Trotsky was also the first General and commander of the Red "Bolshevik" Army! Tavish]



"Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leader of the Russian Revolution. Architect of the Red Army. Commissar of foreign affairs between 1917-1924." Let's see ol' Bronstein was the Leader of the Revolution and the Architect of the Red Army too!




Society: Where Judaism and Liberalism Part

by Rabbi Nachum Braverman Aish HaTorah Los Angeles

It’s often considered axiomatic that Jews are politically liberal. This impression has some basis in fact. In 1991, the National Jewish Community Relations Council (NJCRC) identified the public agenda of the Jewish community as activism on behalf of Israel, and Soviet and Ethiopian Jewry, as well as "social and economic justice." ...

[ ... ]

Though many Jews are liberal this no more makes liberalism the Jewish agenda than the prominence of Jews among Bolsheviks made Bolshevism the Jewish agenda.

[Notice the Rabbi used the word "prominenence." Tavish]





The Czar exploits the break-offs. In their struggle against traditional Judaism, Haskala Jews are given some privileges and assistance, sometimes clandestinely. Some get influence in the Bureau of Jewish Affairs and interfere with religious matters.....

A lot of Haskala Jews are ready to give up on Russia. Many channel their energy into creating a home land of their own.

Some Haskala Jews turn to political revolution. The Russian Revolution of the early 20th century will overthrow the Czarist government and it will be led by a disproportionate number of Jews. The Czar that used civil unrest against the Jews will be destroyed by it.

[Notice the "Russian Revolution... will be led by a disproportionate number of Jews..." Tavish]



Among the Jews who remained in Russia, which then included Lithuania, Ukraine (A History of Ukraine, Michael Hrushevsky, Yale University Press, 1941, passim), and much of Poland, were the founders of the Russian Bolshevik party.

In 1897 was founded the Bund, the union of Jewish workers in Poland and Lithuania. . . They engaged in revolutionary activity upon a large scale, and their energy made them the spearhead of the Party (Article on "Communism" by Harold J. Laski, Encyc. Brit., Vol. III, pp 824-827).

"Individual revolutionary leaders and Sverdlov -- played a conspicuous part in the revolution of November, 1917, which enabled the Bolshevists to take possession of the state apparatus" (Univ. Jew. Encyd., Vol. IX, p.668). Here and there in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia other Jews are named as co-founders of Russian Communism, but not Lenin and Stalin. Both of these, however, are said by some writers to be half-Jewish. Whatever the racial antecedents of their top man, the first Soviet commissariats were largely staffed with Jews. The Jewish position in the Communist movement was well understood in Russia. "The White Armies which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies" (Univ. Jewish Encyc., Vol. I, p. 336).


I certify that as of this date (June 19, 1998) all of the links above are active and that anyone checking them will find the material I used.



>> [...deletia...] > >> That's what is called winning an argument by assertion. > >Liar should know, since he's made liberal use of the tactic ever since he >arrived on Usenet.

I've made no assertion- I posted factual evidence- care to denigrate me and call me a liar too? Jeffrey, do you wish to deny in front of all that my evidence is but mere fabrications or that I lie?

A review of what was said:

>> The overwhelmingly Jewish presence in the upper ranks of the Bolshevist >> leadership seems pretty well established to me.

Jeffrey Georg Brown said: >The overwhelmingly Jewish presence in the upper ranks of the Bolshevist >leadership has been 'seriously called into question' -- so, by Liar's own >standards, nothing at all has been proved.

My sources said of the Jewish presence: "..the first Soviet President was a Jew, Yakov Sverdlov." , "Lev Davidovich Bronstein, Trotsky... the son of Russified Jews...." , "As a Bolshevik, Trotsky was elected chairman of the Soviet... and devoted all his energies to marshaling support for the armed uprising of the Bolsheviks" , "Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leader of the Russian Revolution. Architect of the Red Army. Commissar of foreign affairs between 1917-1924." , "...prominence of Jews among Bolsheviks..." , "Russian Revolution... will be led by a disproportionate number of Jews..." , and "Among the Jews who remained in Russia, ... were the founders of the Russian Bolshevik party."

Doc Tavish

Christians Crucified in the Communist Holocaust Killed Tens of Millions of People! .... Thu, Nov 30, 1995

By Philippa Fletcher

MOSCOW (Reuter) - A Russian presidential commission said Monday that 200,000 clergy were systematically murdered under Soviet rule in a horrific cycle of crucifixions, scalpings and "bestial tortures." Commission chairman Alexander Yakovlev, presenting the report at a news conference, seemed unconcerned that it might deter electors from voting communist or nationalist in parliamentary elections on Dec. 17. "If it has an influence, I will be very satisfied," he said. The report by the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Political Repression also found that another 500,000 religious figures suffered persecution in the decades after Vladimir Lenin's [Jewish] Bolsheviks seized power. "Documents relate how clergymen, monks, nuns were crucified on royal gates and shot in the basements of the Cheka (secret police), scalped, strangled, drowned and submitted to other bestial tortures," he said. Yakovlev said some of the material, from archives of the former ruling politburo and security services, had not been previously published and that uncovering it was traumatic. "I was especially shocked by accounts of priests turned into columns of ice in winter... But that's not all, there were crucifixions ... It was total cruelty." He said hundreds of people were shot for not giving up church property, and only a fraction of the proceeds were spent on the poor as the authorities had promised.

Boston Globe Report: 100 Million People Killed by Communism

"For pure murderous evil, there has never been a force to compare with Communism. The Nazis didn't come close. The Holocaust was uniquely malignant - never before or since did one people construct a vast industry of death for the sole purpose of rounding up and destroying every single member of another people. But the Nazis exterminated 11 million innocents; the Communist death toll surpasses 100 million." (Originally From: http://www.bigeye.com/jacoby.htm TO THE VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM, LEST WE FORGET By Jeff Jacoby The Boston Globe December 7, 1995 which has dropped off of the web but may be accessed now at www.archive.org.

In 1993, President Clinton signed Public Law 103-199, authorizing a memorial in Washington to those who died in the "unprecedented imperial Communist holocaust" that began in 1917. It is a memorial long overdue. And it is well-suited to Washington, the capital of the Free World and the headquarters of what President Kennedy called the "long twilight struggle" against the totalitarians of the Left. When completed, the Victims of Communism Memorial will include a museum documenting the crimes committed by the disciples of Marx and Lenin; original artifacts from the bitter night of Communist brutality (a piece of the Berlin Wall, a cell from the "Hanoi Hilton"); and a database preserving the names of those wiped out in history's greatest slaughter.

Or at least as many of those names as can be identified. It is impossible that we shall ever know them all. Every one of the hundreds of thousands of Cossacks butchered on Lenin's orders in 1919? Every Miskito Indian killed in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas? Every Chinese peasant, all 2 million-plus of them, obliterated during Mao Zedong's "land reform" in the early 1950s? Impossible.

For pure murderous evil, there has never been a force to compare with Communism. The Nazis didn't come close. The Holocaust was uniquely malignant - never before or since did one people construct a vast industry of death for the sole purpose of rounding up and destroying every single member of another people. But the Nazis exterminated 11 million innocents; the Communist death toll surpasses 100 million. Nazi power lasted from 1933 to 1945. The Communist nightmare began in November 1917, and continues to this day.

Savagery has always been a hallmark of Communism. It is an ideology that requires the destruction of human beings. "We have never rejected terror in principle," wrote Lenin in 1901, "nor can we do so."

Half a century later, even as he denounced the extremes to which his predecessors went, Nikita Khrushchev vowed that the terror so esteemed by Lenin would go on. "The questioning of Stalin's terror," he cautioned the Twentieth Party Congress in 1956, "may lead to the questioning of terror in general. But Bolshevism believes in the use of terror." Not long afterward, Khrushchev sent 3,000 Soviet tanks to crush the Hungarian freedom fighters.

Communism equals murder. Everywhere. Always.

In Ukraine, for example, where 7 million people were starved to death on the Kremlin's orders. "If you go now to the Ukraine or the North Caucuses," wrote British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge in 1933, "exceedingly beautiful countries and formerly amongst the most fertile in the world, you will find them like a desert; . . . no livestock or horses; villages deserted; peasants famished, often their bodies swollen, unutterably wretched." Farmers who took grain or vegetables from their own land were shot. Dead bodies littered the streets of Kharkov, the capital. "It was," an eyewitness later recalled, "as if the Black Death had passed through." Communism equaled murder in Ethiopia, where Mengistu Haile Mariam became dictator in 1977 and embarked on what he called his "Red Terror." Tens of thousands were massacred, including the graduating seniors of almost every high school in Addis Ababa.

Communism equaled murder in North Vietnam as far back as 1945, when Ho Chi Minh resolved to annihilate his Nationalist rivals. "It was appalling," recorded the historian Lucien Bodard. "Thousands, maybe tens of thousands of men had been liquidated . . .. The intention was that horror and dread should extinguish the last trace of respect for them among the masses: Their execution had to be both shameful and terrifying. That was the reason for the mass executions of hundreds at once, the fields of prisoners buried alive, the harrows dragged over men buried up to the neck."

Communism equaled murder in Tibet, where Mao's campaign to extirpate Buddhist culture turned 1.2 million Tibetans into corpses. It equaled murder in gentle Cambodia, where the bloodlust of the Khmer Rouge vaporized one-third of the nation in less than four years. It equaled murder in Cuba, in East Germany, in Afghanistan. From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic - murder. In the Gulag and the laogai - murder. At Tienanmen Square - murder. In the Korean War and the Vietnam War, in the forest of Katyn and the dungeons of the Lubyanka - murder.

One hundred million victims of Communism. And those are only the victims who were slain. It doesn't include those who were maimed or driven mad. Those whose lives went dark when a loved one was butchered. Those who spun out their years in potato queues, in vodka stupors, in daily fear. It doesn't include those who wasted 30 years as slaves in Siberia. The boat people who flung themselves into the South China Sea. The stifled poets, the gagged priests, the tormented refuseniks, the exiled democrats.

Rarely do we think of them, or of the hundred million. We forget how pathologically evil Communism has been, or why we poured so much blood and treasure into fighting the Cold War. It is to correct that amnesia that the Victims of Communism Memorial will be built.

For information, contact:


The Red Revolution & Its Strong Jewish Conspiracy Yakov Sverdlov, A Jew, Named The First President of the USSR (Reprinted from the November 8, 1997 issue of the People's Weekly World.) By Arthur Perlo


The Bolshevik Party (later the Communist Party) was the party of the industrial workers in Russia. Its allies were the parties representing the peasants, especially the poor and landless peasants. With virtually all of the other political parties and classes against them, the new government turned to the working class to run the government and the economy. The new government immediately implemented their revolutionary program - land to the peasants, an eight-hour day for the workers, and peace from the bloody slaughter of WWI. Equality of all nationalities was proclaimed. Many Russian Jews, including my great-grandparents, had earlier fled the Russian empire where they were forbidden to own land, pursue professions or live in cities, and were victims of the Russian version of the Ku Klux Klan. After the revolution, all legal restrictions were abolished, and the first Soviet President was a Jew, Yakov Sverdlov. [...]


From a speech given to the National Geographic Society, Washington, DC, on December 14, 1906, by William Elroy Curtis and published in National Geographic Magazine for May, 1907 (pp. 313-314)


[...] He referred to the starving Jews, and while he did not feel at liberty to grant them the full rights enjoyed by other subjects without the concurrence of the douma, he has relieved them from the most severe of the restrictions under which they have been suffering, and now they can go about Russia with an ordinary passport. They may engage in any business, but are not yet allowed to buy land outside of the pale of settlement. Jewish children are now admitted to all the schools and universities of Russia without condition. The members of that race are now enjoying nearly all the liberties of those of other races and religions, except that there has been no change in passport regulations, which has been promised from year to year. Foreign Jews are still compelled to explain the object of their visit before they are permitted to pass the boundary. Mr. Stolypin will undoubtedly remove that humiliation in due time. THE VENGEANCE OF THE JEWS Perhaps these reforms are the cause of the present tranquillity, because the revolutionary leaders nearly all belong to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the Jewish Bund, which has its headquarters at Bialystok, where the massacre occurred last June. The government has suffered more from that race than from all of its other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire. The great strike which paralyzed the Empire and compelled the Czar to grant a constitution and a parliament was ordered and managed by a Jew named Krustaleff, president of the workingmen's council, a young man only thirty years old. He was sent to the penitentiary for life, and had not been behind the bars more than three weeks when he organized and conducted a successful strike of the prison employees. Maxim, who organized and conducted the revolution in the Baltic provinces, is a Jew of marvelous ability. Last fall he came over here lecturing and collecting money to carry on the revolutionary campaign, but for some reason has vanished and nobody seems to know what has become of him. Gerschunin, the most resourceful leader of the terrorists, who was condemned to life imprisonment in the silver mines on the Mongolian frontier, has recently escaped in a water cask, and is supposed to be in San Francisco. He is a Polish Jew only twenty-seven years old. I might enumerate a hundred other revolutionary leaders and every one of them would be a Jew. Wherever you read of an assassination or of the explosion of a bomb you will notice in the newspaper dispatches that the man was a Jew. The most sensational and dramatic episode that has occurred since the mutinies was on October 27, when, in the very center of Saint Petersburg, at the entrance of Kazan Cathedral, four Jews held up a treasury wagon and captured $270,000. They passed the package to a woman, who instantly vanished, and no trace of her has ever been found; but they were all arrested and were promptly punished. On the 8th of November a few Jewish revolutionaries entered a treasury car near Ragow, in Poland, got $850,000, and disappeared. Every deed of that kind is done by Jews, and the massacres that have shocked the universe, and occurred so frequently that the name "pogrom" was invented to describe them, were organized and managed by the exasperated police authorities in retaliation for crimes committed by the Jewish revolutionists. MANY REFORMS ALREADY INSTITUTED BY PREMIER STOLYPIN But Mr. Stolypin has evidently arranged a truce. He has crushed out the conspirators in the police department who organized and directed the "pograms" [sic.-KAS] and has given the Jews more liberty and more justice than they ever enjoyed before. He has appointed a commission to prepare a law placing them upon the same footing as Protestants, Roman Catholics, and members of other religious faiths. Mr. Stolypin is an able, honest, and grave man, of broad horizon and liberal views and a high sense of justice. He has already done wonders. Every week some important reform is ordered, some tyrannical regulation revoked, some concession granted. [...]

(end of article excerpt)

More Proof of Jewish Cruelty in USSR

Is Found on the Soviet Archives Exhibit at the Library of Congress of the U.S. Government

Welcome to the Library of Congress's Soviet Archives exhibit.

Who Lenin took his orders from:

THE RED TERROR [Section of Article]


The Red Terror was partly a reaction to the greater horrors of the anti-Bolshevik terror in which 23,000 Reds were killed in Finland and 100,000 Jews were murdered in the Ukraine. Nevertheless Lenin repeatedly advocated terror even before the attempt on his life in September 1918. For example during one anti-Bolshevik revolt he told the authorities to organise "mass terror, shoot and deport the hundreds of prostitutes who are making drunkards of the soldiers."

Such attitudes enabled the Cheka to acquire widespread powers with virtually no external controls. By the end of the war its head, Dzerzhinsky, was able to say that "the prisons are packed chiefly with workers and peasants instead of the bourgeoisie", and one of his chief lieutenants, Latsis, wrote that: "there is no sphere of life exempt from Cheka coverage." Lenin himself said that "during the war - anybody who placed his own interest above the common interests ... was shot.... we could not emerge from the old society without resorting to compulsion as far as the backward section of the proletariat was concerned."

Estimates of the numbers executed include 50,000 and 140,000 and George Leggett lists many unsubstantiated accusations of torture.

Victor Serge later claimed that "during the civil war there was perfect order behind the front itself.... There was nothing to prevent the functioning of regular courts." But most of those killed never had a trial and one Cheka member recalled that "our Red detachments would 'clean up' villages exactly the way the Whites did. What was left of the inhabitants, old men, women, children, were machine-gunned for having given assistance to the enemy." 30

The Bolshevik leadership sometimes clearly encouraged brutality. For instance, as the Whites threatened Petrograd, Lenin asked Trotsky: "Is it impossible to mobilise another 2,000 Petrograd workers plus 10,000 members of the bourgeoisie, set up cannons behind them, shoot a few hundred of them and obtain a real mass impact on Yudenich?" Trotsky thankfully disregarded this but the Bolsheviks did use terror against whole groups of people such as the Cossacks or the Tambov peasants. The Tambov rebellion of 1920-21 was extremely brutal and the Red Army crushed the uprising with the burning of villages and mass executions. One government order demanded that peasants should be shot simply for "giving shelter to members of a 'bandit's' family".

The Terror encouraged many anarchists to join Nestor Makhno's peasant movement in the Ukraine. This movement was much more popular than the Bolsheviks in some areas so the Red Army made three successful alliances with him against the Whites. In these areas only 'working people' could stand for soviet elections, not Bolsheviks or SRs, but there were no restrictions on their press provided they did not advocate an armed uprising. However in the summer of 1919 the Bolsheviks executed several of Makhno's officers and tried to ban the Makhnovist peasant congresses. From then on the two sides fought fiercely whenever the White threat diminished. Both sides shot prisoners but Makhno's army tended to restrict executions to those in authority whereas the Bolsheviks shot many rank-and-file Makhnovists. 31 Notes used: 30 Farber, 117-19; LCW v35, 349; v30, 510; Leggett, 465, 198, 184, 328-33, 349; E.Poretsky, Our Own People, 214. In the first months repression was relatively mild and many prisons had education facilities. However concentration camps were set up from July 1918 and mortality reached 30% in those in the north. Leggett says they were sometimes cleared by mass executions. The death penalty was formally abolished in 1920 but it was evaded by the local chekas and revoked by the summer. M.Jakobson, The Origins of the Gulag, 37, 23-4, 40. 31 Farber, 123; Service, 43; M.Palij, The Anarchism of Nestor Makhno, 151-2, 175-7, 212-19; M.Malet, Nestor Makhno..., 32, 39, 100, 129, 136.

The Genocide at Vinnitsa

by Dr. William Pierce National Alliance Chairman In His Speech Given On Radio On June 20, 1998

We spoke a few weeks ago about the mass murder of the leadership stratum of the Polish nation by the Soviet secret police in the Katyn Forest in April 1940. We discussed that genocidal atrocity in the light of the ongoing Jewish campaign to portray Jews as the principal victims of the Second World War and to collect reparations from the rest of the world today. A good deal of interest in that broadcast was expressed by listeners, many of whom had not been acquainted previously with the facts of the Katyn atrocity. Today I will explore this general subject further. I will tell you about the fate of the Ukrainian nation at the hands of the Soviet secret police.

In 1943 Germany was at war against the Soviet Union. Twenty-five years earlier, at the end of the First World War, when communist revolutionaries were attempting to take over Germany, Adolf Hitler had sworn to devote his life to fighting communism. He was only a corporal at the time, recuperating from his war wounds in a military hospital, but 15 years later, in 1933, he became chancellor of Germany, and in 1941 his army invaded the Soviet Union with the aim of destroying Soviet communism. The German Army pushed far into the Soviet empire and liberated all of Ukraine from the communists.

In May 1943 units of the German Army were stationed in the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa, a community of 100,000 persons in a primarily agricultural district. Ukrainian officials in Vinnitsa told the Germans that five years earlier the NKVD -- the Soviet secret police, very similar to our FBI -- had buried the bodies of a number of executed political prisoners in a city park. The Germans investigated, and within a month they had dug up 9439 corpses from a number of mass graves in the park and a nearby orchard.

Unlike the Poles murdered in the Katyn Forest, all of these bodies found at Vinnitsa were those of civilians, most of them Ukrainian farmers or workers. The bodies of the men all had their hands tied behind their backs, like the Polish officers at Katyn. Although the men's bodies were clothed, the bodies of a number of young women were naked. All of the victims had been shot in the back of the neck with a .22 caliber pistol, the trademark of the NKVD executioners.

The Germans called in an international team of forensic pathologists to examine the bodies and the mass graves. The international team, which included pathologists from Belgium, France, Netherlands, and Sweden, as well as from several countries allied with Germany, examined 95 mass graves and conducted a number of autopsies.

Including the autopsies already performed by Ukrainian medical personnel in Vinnitsa, 1670 of the corpses were examined in detail. The identities of 679 of them were established either through documents found in their clothes or through recognition by relatives, who flocked to Vinnitsa from the surrounding countryside when they heard that the graves had been uncovered.

The authorities estimated that in addition to the 9439 bodies exhumed, there were another 3,000 still in unopened mass graves in the same area. The international team concluded that all of the victims had been killed about five years earlier -- that is, in 1938. Relatives of the victims who were identified all testified that the victims had been arrested by the NKVD in 1937 and 1938. The relatives had been told that those arrested were "enemies of the people" and would be sent to Siberia for 10 years. None of the relatives had any idea what the reason was for the arrests and testified that those arrested had committed no crimes and were engaged in no political activity. As I said earlier, nearly all of the victims were farmers or workers, although there were a few priests and civil servants among them.

By interviewing a large number of people who had some knowledge of what had happened in Vinnitsa and the surrounding region in 1938, the Germans were able to piece together the following picture. In 1937 and 1938 gangs of the NKVD's jackbooted thugs roamed the villages and towns of Ukraine, arresting people in a pattern that seemed almost random to observers. One victim's wife reported that as the NKVD goons dragged her husband away they said only, "Hey, you dog! You've lived too long." Other observers thought they saw a pattern. A Ukrainian who was renting a part of his house to a Jewish lawyer refused to sell the whole house to the Jew when he offered to buy it at an unreasonably low price. A few weeks later the Ukrainian homeowner was arrested by the NKVD. Another Ukrainian who had threatened to beat up a minor communist functionary who made a crude pass at his sister was arrested shortly thereafter. It seemed that many of the arrests were the settling of personal scores and that anyone who had crossed a Jew was especially likely to be arrested.

All of this was nothing new for Ukrainians. They had borne the brunt of the communization the Soviet Union for nearly two decades. Ukraine was primarily an agricultural nation, a nation of farmers and villagers, and as such was regarded with suspicion by the Jews and the urban rabble who filled the ranks of the Communist Party. The communists championed the urban workers, but they wasted no love on farmers and villagers, who tended to be too independent and self-sufficient for communist tastes.

During the civil war which followed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the Ukrainians wanted to opt out. Ukrainian nationalists wanted no part of the Soviet Union. In 1921 and 1922 the Red Army occupied Vinnitsa, and Ukrainians were butchered wholesale by the Reds in order to kill the Ukrainian nationalist spirit. The craving for Ukrainian independence nevertheless kept flaring up, and further massacres followed, notably in 1928.

Ukraine was the stronghold of the kulaks, the independent farmers and small landowners, always regarded with special hatred by the communist bosses. Stalin gave the job of exterminating the kulaks to his right-hand man in the Kremlin, Lazar Moiseivich Kaganovich, known later as the "Butcher of Ukraine." Kaganovich, the most powerful Jew in the Soviet Union, supervised the collectivization of Ukrainian farms, beginning in 1929. To break the spirit of the kulaks, the Ukraine was subjected to an artificial famine. The NKVD and Red Army troops went from farm to farm, confiscating crops and livestock. The farmers were told that the food was needed for the workers in the cities. None was left for the farmers. And in 1933 and 1934 seven million Ukrainians died of starvation, while Kaganovich watched and gloated from the Kremlin.

Perhaps in 1937 and 1938 the bosses in the Kremlin simply thought that it was time to apply the lash to the Ukrainians again. In any event, the NKVD was given the task this time. The NKVD was even more Jewish than the rest of the Soviet communist apparatus. The commissar of the NKVD until September 1936 had been the Jew Genrikh Yagoda, and he had staffed his instrument of terror and repression with Jews at every level. And those who were not Jews were the worst sort of Russian and Ukrainian rabble, the resentful louts and ne'er-do-wells who saw in communism a way to get even with their betters. In any event, the Ukrainians were fully aware of the preponderance of Jews in the secret police, and they suspected that there was a Jewish angle to the pattern of arrests in 1937 and 1938. And indeed, it did seem as if the Talmudic injunction to "kill the best of the Gentiles" were being followed, for those who were arrested seemed to be the most solid, the steadiest, the most reliable and irreproachable of the Ukrainians.

Thirty thousand were arrested in the Vinnitsa region alone, and most of these eventually were sent to the NKVD prison in the city of Vinnitsa. This prison had a normal capacity of 2,000 prisoners, but during 1937 and 1938 it was packed most of the time with more than 18,000 prisoners. Throughout much of 1938 a few dozen prisoners were taken from the prison each night and driven to a nearby NKVD motor pool area. There their hands were tied behind their backs and they were led, one at a time, a few hundred feet to a concrete slab in front of a garage. The slab was used for washing vehicles, and it had a drain at one side with an iron grating over it. Just as the prisoners reached the edge of the slab they were shot in the back of the neck, so that when they fell onto the concrete their blood would run into the drain. This was what the NKVD men jokingly called "mokrii rabota" -- "wet work" -- and they had had plenty of experience at "wet work." A truck parked next to the slab kept its engine racing so that the noise of the engine would cover the sound of the shots. While the next prisoner was being led up, a couple of NKVD men would throw the corpse of the previous prisoner into the truck. When the night's quota of victims had been murdered the truck would drive off with its load of corpses to the fenced-in park or to the nearby orchard, where new graves already were waiting. And this "wet work" went on night after night, month after month.

So why is this gruesome story important to us now? After all, this massacre of Ukrainians in Vinnitsa took place 60 years ago. I'll tell you why it's still important to us, aside from the fact that these Ukrainians were our people, our kinfolk, part of our race.

First, you might ask yourself why you have never before heard about Vinnitsa, and I'm sure that's the case for about 99 per cent of our listeners. Of course, Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about what happened at Vinnitsa, in the third volume of his Gulag Archipelago, but you're not likely to find that in the rack at the checkout counter. And Ukrainians and Germans have written about it, although for the most part their writings have never been published in English, because publishers in this country understand that it would be Politically Incorrect to publish anything about Vinnitsa. Much better that people just forget about it.

Isn't that odd, though, when we continually hear so much about Auschwitz? Isn't it odd that when Jewish groups are using their political influence to have laws passed in a number of states requiring high school students to take courses about the so-called "Holocaust," what happened at Katyn or at Vinnitsa is never mentioned in high school? The excuse given for requiring students to study the so-called "Holocaust" is that it was the greatest crime in history, and we should know about it so that we won't repeat it. But then why shouldn't we learn about Katyn and Vinnitsa and Dresden and a thousand other atrocities where our people were the victims, and so the lesson should be even more pertinent for us?

You know, I'm not trying to be cute about this. We all know the answers to these questions, but I just want you to think about their significance. To them, Auschwitz is important because Jews died there, and Vinnitsa is not important, because only Gentiles were killed there. The Jewish media bosses keep rubbing our noses in Auschwitz, because they want us to feel guilty, they want us to feel that we owe the Jews something for letting it happen. The Jewish media bosses never mention Vinnitsa because Jews were the guilty ones there. Besides, they make a lot of money by promoting the "Holocaust." It's certainly not going to help their profits to divide the attention and the sympathy of the American public between Auschwitz and Vinnitsa. And it's certainly not going to help their effort to extort billions of dollars in "Holocaust" reparations from the Swiss and from everyone else to admit their own guilt at Katyn and Vinnitsa.

Think about it! If Poles controlled the news and entertainment media in America, we'd hear a great deal more about Katyn, I suspect. If Germans controlled our media we'd hear much more about the terror bombing of Dresden. And if Ukrainians controlled our media, every high school student would know about Vinnitsa. But it's the Jews who control our media, and so all we hear about is Auschwitz: never even a whisper about Vinnitsa. That's important. We ought to be concerned about that. We ought to be concerned whenever any part of our history is suppressed, is hidden from us. We ought to find out why. It might help us to make sure that what happened to us at Vinnitsa never happens to us again.

I'm sure that you've all heard the maxim that the best defense is a strong offense. Do you remember the persecution all through the 1980s of John Demjanjuk, the retired Cleveland auto worker whom the Jews accused of being "Ivan the Terrible"? John Demjanjuk is a Ukrainian who came to America after the Second World War. In 1978 the Jews made a big hullabaloo about Demjanjuk being a guard in a German prison camp during the war, and the U.S. government obediently hauled him to court and stripped him of his citizenship. Then he was handed over to the Jews for crucifixion and deported to Israel. The mass media in America were full of sensational stories for 15 years about Ivan the Terrible and how the Ukrainians had helped the Germans persecute the poor, innocent Jews. Unfortunately, this strategy worked for the Jews. The Ukrainians kept their heads down instead of raising the issue of Vinnitsa. Of course, even if they had begun trying to tell Americans about Vinnitsa or about what Kaganovich had done to the Ukrainian kulaks, who would have heard them? Ukrainians don't own the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, Newsweek magazine, or U.S. News & World Report. The Jews own all of those media. And the Ukrainians don't own Hollywood, so they can't make movie dramas about Vinnitsa either, like Steven Spielberg does about the so-called "Holocaust."

The crux of this matter is that the Jews have been getting away with presenting a grossly distorted version of history to us, a version in which they are the completely innocent victims, and our people, the Ukrainians and Poles and Germans are the bad guys who have been persecuting the poor Jews for no reason at all. They've been pumping out this propaganda in concert, consciously and deliberately, without a single major medium under their control deviating from their party line. And people try to tell me that, well, the Jews may control the media, but they don't conspire with each other. Baloney!

And because they've been getting away with giving us a falsified version of history, they've been able to change America's foreign and domestic policies in directions to suit themselves, to our enormous disadvantage. Everything which has happened in the Middle East, for example, since the Second World War is based on this false history.

More than that, everything that has happened in Europe since the murder of 12,000 Ukrainians at Vinnitsa in 1938 has been based on the Jews' power to control what we learn about our history, about what is happening and has happened in the world around us. The U.S. government allied itself with the Soviet government in 1941 for the purpose of destroying Germany. The communists were presented to the American public as the good guys, as worthy allies, and the Germans were presented as the bad guys. And the American public bought that lie because they didn't know about Vinnitsa or about a thousand other atrocities committed against our people by the communists. When the Germans brought in the international commission to examine the graves in Vinnitsa in 1943, the Jew-controlled media kept the news from the American people, just the way they kept the news about the Katyn Forest genocide away from the American people. And because of this, there was no real opposition to turning half of Europe over to the communists at the end of the Second World War. If Katyn and Vinnitsa had been publicized, so that every American voter knew in detail what the NKVD had done at Katyn and at Vinnitsa, the politicians in Washington never would have been able to get away with turning the Poles and the Hungarians and the Rumanians and the Bulgarians and the Croats and the Serbs and the Czechs and the Slovaks and the Baltic peoples and all of the Germans in the eastern part of Germany over to these communist butchers. The politicians in Washington got away with this not just because they were in the pockets of the Jews, but because the American people weren't given the truth. And because we weren't given the truth millions more of our people died at the hands of the NKVD after the war, and all of eastern Europe was plundered by the communists for 50 years, and there was a Korean War and a Vietnam War -- which there wouldn't have been if we hadn't kept the communist empire alive because of our own ignorance, because of the lies we'd been told about what happened in Europe. We lost more than 100,000 of our best young men in the Korean and Vietnam wars alone.

So you see, it is important what the public is told. It is important that our people know the truth about our history, even about things which happened 60 years ago. And I intend to do everything I can to give them the truth.

Now I believe that you can understand why the Jews try so hard to keep me off the air, why they bring pressure against every radio station which carries American Dissident Voices. They are desperate to keep the American people in the dark about Vinnitsa and Katyn and their other crimes. And I am determined to tear down the curtain of silence and darkness and give truth and light to our people.

And there is some urgency about this, because the Jews are continuing to push for laws against what they call "hate speech" -- which means any speech which contradicts their lies. They have succeeded in getting such laws passed in other countries. If I tried to make this broadcast in Canada or Britain, for example, the police would arrest me and shut down the station before I could finish. Let's not let that happen in America.

Jews, Communism, and The Job of Killing Off the Christians Soviet-Zionist-Jewry in Historical Perspectives, Smalls Crane Co., pp. 29-31

In the Soviet Union, the communist party, run mostly for the benefit of its Jewish founders who made up approximately 90% of the founding fathers and administrators of the Soviet Union, hid behind their leftist doctrine which had been designed to undermine Christianity in the name of materialism and social science. These administrators of the Soviet Union who were detailed in reports to the U.S. State Department from Russia in 1919 were instrumental in instructing their cohorts to send out Jewish commissars like Kaganovitch and Beria to kill approximately 100 million White European Christians whom they called "reactionary bourgeoisie" for correctness in 1920-1940. What they meant by "bourgeoisie" were Russia's Christians. In addition to killing the Christian peasants under the materialist aegis of communism, the churches and parochial schools were confiscated or burned as were their Christian towns; the priests were either murdered or sent to prisons, and all vestiges of Christianity were as nearly as possible expunged. Once the Christians in an entire area were killed, the Jews brought in new non-Christians, atheists, who were relocated there to re-establish the economic exploitation of the emptied lands in agricultural communes similar to the kibbutzim programs in Israel which were begun at the same time. At this point in history, the Jews and Zionists in power declared anti-Semitism to be a capital crime, because the Christians who were being killed by these communist Jews in Russia had developed groups to protect themselves and were critical of the Jewish excesses in the matter of their own genocide with whom they naturally refused to cooperate without fighting for their very lives. The accusation of anti-Semitism in Russia became a mandatory death sentence to any Christian fighting against the Jewish oppression of Christianity in the Soviet Union, especially if these Christians even identified the names of the many thousands of Jews in control of their anti-Christian extermination policy. The Jewish-led anti-Christian genocide in Russia was basically a totally Jewish-run and definitely anti-Christian Affair using communism and anti-reactionary programs as the ideological communist "cover" for wiping out Christianity. The Jews basically ran the Russian government and hid behind its skirts as they carried out their murders across the Russian Continent. It was never reported in the United States, because the media was controlled mostly by Jewish owners who were uninterested in exposing Americans to an atrocity by Jews. Only Henry Ford, who own his own newspaper, got the word out, and he was severely criticized as being anti-Semitic for his honesty in exposing this matter of Christian genocide by the Jews. In China, more than 80 million oriental peasants were killed by the Chinese Communist Party which learned from the Russians how to run a revolution. Especially sought out for instant extermination during The Big March and beyond were those peasants who were Christians, Buddhists, or Islamics and anyone else associated with a religion or philosophy or God concept who were non-materialistic in thought. Like Russian Liberals, the Chinese communists did not want "other leaders" and "other systems" teaching their people. Religion in China, as in Russia, was called the "opiate of the people" and, as in Russia, this was used to justify the mass murder of priests, devotees, and other adherents of non-communist religions. Today in China, Christians are still being mistreated, and many churches are inundating the west coast of the United States with Chinese Christian refugees desperate to escape the on-going anti-Christian purges. The great international conspiracies of communism, socialism, liberalism, Masonry, and Zionism were always interconnected and have created all of our world wars, cold wars, economic depressions, and divisive genocidal conduct throughout the world, mainly because their conspirators who have created these agencies of death carried an anti-Christian agenda which was hidden behind the false curtain of secular materialist intellectuality. Those believing there is no international conspiracy going back more than one hundred years cannot explain the existence of the State of Israel without studying the conspiracies stemming from the Zionist World Congress in the 1800's whose final fruit is Israel itself as well as the two world wars, communism, the secret Balfour Declaration under which Zionists promised Britain they would bring the United States into the First World War using their blackmail of President Wilson over his sexual liaisons at Princeton (a la http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-leaders-freedman.html's books), the 3-day communist takeover in Germany in 1919 under Rosa Luxembourg whose Jewish-Communist Conspiracy resulted in the abdication of the Kaiser who crossed into Denmark for safety, the collapse of the German front due to Jewish-inspired leftist armaments production strikes in Germany in the middle of the war, the later Christian genocide of 1920-1940 by the Zionists in Russia, the Jewish-inspired world blockade of Germany in 1933 (see Freedman), and the Jewish-Zionist German diplomatic assassination in Poland in 1937 which triggered Krystal Nacht and the persecution of Jews by the nearly starved Germans. Most of the adherents had little idea they were being manipulated by persons who, in the background, were orchestrating genocide against members of their own societies, and that type of hidden agenda and hidden genocide is a major point in the correct administration of worldwide conspiracies. These conspiracies are also being carried out in America and Europe today where immigration is supported in order to eliminate as many Christian Europeans as possible from the world stage. In reality, these outcomes were planned more than one hundred years ago and outlined in little read but always available Jewish, Masonic, and communist publications composed mostly by Zionist anti-Christian conspirators bent on genocidal acts and world domination by moneyed interests.

Some Pertinent References on this Subject... The Protocols of Zion http://www.pixi.com/~bewise/protocol.html (The anti-Christian Jewish Conspirators speak. Very much like The Prince in aspect, and, although authorship has always been disputed, this does not matter. Most will agree that the methods contained therein are evidently in very wide use today.) The Works of Benjamin Freedman http://www.best.com/~jdulaney/jews.html Benjamin Freedman was a One-Time Jewish Zionist Conspirator who felt guilty and told all. Freedman who was a Jewish conspirator turned patriot spilled the beans on Zionism in the 1940's and 1950's, spending millions in telling the conspirators' stories including the Wilson and Roosevelt and NYC-Moscow-Zionism connections to the American public. The International Jew by Henry Ford http://www.pohlynx.com/~politics/antisemi/internat_jew.html Much maligned, but an excellent starting point bringing out many facts about the Jewish connection to the stock markets, international banking, the Semitic-NYC-Moscow Express, the liberalization of America, and other incendiary historical facts which you will never see in the New York Times. When you realize that Ford owned his own newspaper and the damage done to Zionist conspiracies by that paper, you will understand the deep Jewish need to control all media. Crossposted References Assembled by George V. Cousins for Internet

Jewish Responsibility for USSR Admitted by RavFrand on Tape # 126

"RavFrand" - Rabbi Frand on Parshas Miketz / Chanukah

These divrei Torah were adapted from the hashkafa portion of Rabbi Yissocher Frand's Commuter Chavrusah Tapes on the weekly portion: Tape # 126, Dreams in Halacha and Hashkafa.. Good Shabbos!

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

In our own times we have witnessed the decline and fall of another 'ism' - Communism. Many people may not realize to what extent our fellow Jewish brethren originally embraced this `ism'. Jews played a prominent role in the beginnings of the Communist party.

Some Jews felt repressed and isolated by the life of the shtetl and were overwhelmed by the arrival of a new order that promised a better world. Many Jews, who had already left their faith, channeled their religious fervor into Communism. Some Communist leaders, such as Julius Martov (1873-1923) and Lev Davidovich Trotsky (1879-1940) were Jewish. For many years there was a Jewish division of the Communist party in Russia. It was not until the 1930s that Stalin came to power and 'purged' the Jews from the Communist party.

In fact, in our times, when most Russians admit to the bankruptcy of the Communist movement, many of them blame the Jews, saying, "they are the ones who gave us Communism". In a sense, they are partially right. I am not even talking about Karl Marx (1818-1883), but in a sense 'we' made the Communist party.

In this century too, then, large numbers of Jewish brethren embraced another 'ism'. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Found on ... Rabbi Yissocher Frand's Commuter Chavrusah Tapes on the weekly portion: Tape # 126, Dreams in Halacha and Hashkafa - WWW - April 10, 1998 - Placed Here to Avoid a Possible Lost Link to It...

Report of the Netherland Minister On Jewish Bolsheviks as Criminal Organization in Petrograd

U.S. Gov't Printing Office House Document 1868 (65th Congress, 3d session- file# 861.00/8029):

Report of the Netherland Minister Relating to the conditions in Petrograd.

"Whole Soviet government has sunk to the level of a criminal organisation. Bolsheviks realise that their game is up and have entered into a career of criminal madness."

"I found it necessary to promise that Litvinov should be allowed to leave England at once..."

"The foregoing report will indicate the extremely critical nature of the present situation. The danger is now so great that I feel it is my duty to call the attention of the British and all other Governments to the fact that if an end is not put to Bolshevism in Russia at once the civilisation of the whole world will be threatened...."

"...the danger is also being realised in German and Austrian quarters. I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless as above stated Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world as it is organised and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things."


The above extract was taken from: "Papers Relating To The Foreign Relations of The United States - 1918 - RUSSIA (In Three Volumes) Volume I"

Printing date of the version above was 1931 and is subtitled:

"65th Congress, 3d Session ,,,, House Document No. 1868" The document is also known as "The Oudendyke Report" The above text appeared on pages 674-679 as a subenclosure under "Withdrawal Of Missions and Consuls."

Many Lithuanians Blame Jews for Soviet Invasion
Vilnius, Lithuania - Reuters, Sept. 8, 1998.

"Many Lithuanians … blame Jews for the Soviet invasion, as the early Communist ranks were filled with a disproportionate number of Jews."

Remembering Ukraine's Unknown Holocaust

[How the High Jews in the Soviet Government Killed Millions in the USSR and Still Hide It From Us...]

Archived for Scholarly Study

From the Toronto Sun - December 13, 1998

By ERIC MARGOLIS Contributing Foreign Editor

As Britain's socialist government cleared the way for a gaudy show trial of that Great Satan of the left, Chile's Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the 65th anniversary of this century's bloodiest crime was utterly ignored. Leftists now baying for Pinochet's head don't want to be reminded of the Unknown Holocaust.

In 1932, Soviet leader Josef Stalin unleashed genocide in Ukraine. Stalin determined to force Ukraine's millions of independent farmers - called kulaks - into collectivized Soviet agriculture, and to crush Ukraine's growing spirit of nationalism.

Faced by resistance to collectivization, Stalin unleashed terror and dispatched 25,000 fanatical young party militants from Moscow - earlier versions of Mao's Red Guards - to force 10 million Ukrainian peasants into collective farms. Secret police units of OGPU began selective executions of recalcitrant farmers.

When Stalin's red guards failed to make a dent in this immense number, OGPU was ordered to begin mass executions.

But there were simply not enough Chekists (secret police) to kill so many people, so Stalin decided to replace bullets with a much cheaper medium of death - mass starvation.

All seed stocks, grain, silage and farm animals were confiscated from Ukraine's farms. (Ethiopia's Communist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam used the same method in the 1970s to force collectivization: the resulting famine cased one million deaths.)

OGPU agents and Red Army troops sealed all roads and rail lines. Nothing came in or out of Ukraine. Farms were searched and looted of food and fuel. Ukrainians quickly began to die of hunger, cold and sickness.

When OGPU failed to meet weekly execution quotas, Stalin sent henchman Lazar Kaganovitch to destroy Ukrainian resistance. Kaganovitch, the Soviet Eichmann, made quota, shooting 10,000 Ukrainians weekly. Eighty percent of all Ukrainian intellectuals were executed. A Ukrainian party member named Nikita Khruschchev helped supervise the slaughter.

During the bitter winter of 1932-33, mass starvation created by Kaganovitch and OGPU hit full force. Ukrainians ate their pets, boots and belts, plus bark and roots. Some parents even ate infant children.

The precise number of Ukrainians murdered by Stalin's custom-made famine and Cheka firing squads remains unknown to this day. The KGB's archives, and recent work by Russian historians, show at least seven million died. Ukrainian historians put the figure at nine million, or higher. Twenty-five percent of Ukraine's population was exterminated. Millions of victims

Six million other farmers across the USSR were starved or shot during collectivization. Stalin told Winston Churchill he liquidated 10 million peasants during the 1930s. Add mass executions by the Cheka in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the genocide of three million Muslims in the USSR; massacres of Cossacks and Volga Germans and Soviet industrial genocide accounted for at least 40 million victims, not including 20 million war dead. Kaganovitch and many senior OGPU officers (later, NKVD) were Jewish. The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders, and the frightful crimes and cruelty inflicted by Stalin's Cheka on Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland, led the victims of Red Terror to blame the Jewish people for both communism and their suffering. As a direct result, during the subsequent Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe, the region's innocent Jews became the target of ferocious revenge by Ukrainians, Balts and Poles.

While the world is by now fully aware of the destruction of Europe's Jews by the Nazis, the story of the numerically larger holocaust in Ukraine has been suppressed, or ignored. Ukraine's genocide occurred 8-9 years before Hitler began the Jewish Holocaust, and was committed, unlike Nazi crimes, before the world's gaze. But Stalin's murder of millions was simply denied, or concealed by a left-wing conspiracy of silence that continues to this day. In the strange moral geometry of mass murder, only Nazis are guilty. Socialist luminaries like Bernard Shaw, Beatrice and Sidney Webb and PM Edouard Herriot of France, toured Ukraine during 1932-33 and proclaimed reports of famine were false. Shaw announced: "I did not see one under-nourished person in Russia." New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his Russian reporting, wrote claims of famine were "malignant propaganda." Seven million people were dying around them, yet these fools saw nothing. The New York Times has never repudiated Duranty's lies.

Modern leftists do not care to be reminded their ideological and historical roots are entwined with this century's greatest crime - the inevitable result of enforced social engineering and Marxist theology.

Western historians delicately skirt the sordid fact that the governments of Britain, the U.S. and Canada were fully aware of the Ukrainian genocide and Stalin's other monstrous crimes. Yet they eagerly welcomed him as an ally during World War II. Stalin, who Franklin Roosevelt called "Uncle Joe," murdered four times more people than Adolf Hitler.

None of the Soviet mass murderers who committed genocide were ever brought to justice. Lazar Kaganovitch died peacefully in Moscow a few years ago, still wearing his Order of the Soviet Union, and enjoying a generous state pension.

The USSR/Marxist Anti-Christian Holocaust

Copyright (c) 1998 - Ingrid A. Rimland, Author, November 29, 1998--- The Christian News is a Lutheran/Missouri Synod publication and quite respectable and conservative. For one, it does not run any ads, which means it is not financially beholden, as are so many other so-called "Christian" publications who dance to the tune of the piper.

The latest issue, dated November 23, 1998, page 14, has a very interesting semi-book review of sorts. It is titled The Russian/Marxist Holocaust, and is written by Dr. Albert Jabs, Chair of the Chair Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, at Shaw University, Raleigh, NC. I bring it here in full, with a cautionary note that the last paragraph is very slightly modified since there seems to have been a typographical shift (two lines seems to have been reversed) which I fixed as best as I could. (My guessing at the sentence structure is of no significance to the article itself).

Here is what Dr. Jabs wrote:

The war to end all wars - World War I - did not end the war against people. After the Great War stopped and people danced and cried with joy, a greater war, against civilians, began in the new Soviet Union.

According to recent research by R. J. Rummel (University of Hawaii) Lenin unleashed a chilling carnage, which continued through Stalin and others right up to 1987 that resulted in the death of approximately 95.2 million (Lethal Politics). In other words, according to Rummel, ***more lives were lost in Marxist countries, like the Soviet Union, than had been lost in both World Wars - and this genocide or democide was done by government against their own people.*** (emphasis added)

Rummel has done massive research in genocide and mass murder among nations, and while in teaching World War I and World War II history, I have noticed that some historians are quick to raise the red flag when discussing the Red Scare period after World War I and the McCarthy era after World War II. The paradox is that many historians simply omit Marxist countries, in regard to murders of their own citizens. This culpable omission may be that history is written by left wing historians who may themselves have flirted with the idea that utopian Marxism has something to contribute.

I have heard professors speak glibly about Marxism in my trip to the former Soviet Union, with democide on their own people and others (. . . a verb missing here?) to such an extent that their lives were so much disposable chemicals.

Marxism, in the minds of many who suffered under its totalitarianism, saw it as being worse than Hitler's national socialism, which was bad enough. The Marxism of the early Civil War period (1917) through collectivization, the Ukraine starvation period, the Terror before World War II, and the Terror after World War II and the other historical periods are there for the reader to see.

In view of the devastations, it is difficult to understand how the U.S. and FDR, and England, and Churchill, could have been so duped by arch criminal, "Uncle Joe Stalin", as Roosevelt referred to him, and establish communist hegemony in the heart of Europe. At one time much of what has been stated would be considered to be right wing, but the facts of Rummel are unassailable. Russia at the present time needs to be fed by the US and other nations. For humanitarian reasons, people should be helped, but it would be valuable, even with Russia's nuclear missiles, to know something of its horrific history.

World War I ended yesterday, 80 years ago, but a greater war against civilians now began. I heard (my father) say that the Russian people were essentially like people everywhere. Yet, the intellectuals like John Reed thought heaven was around the corner; it was, but it really was hell on earth.

(end of Jabs article)


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